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Prosecutors, Judges And Misconduct

Can Prosecutors Be Sued By People They Framed?

Can Prosecutors Be Sued By People They Framed?

Can prosecutors be sued by the people they frame? 

Do prosecutors have total immunity from lawsuits for anything they do, including framing someone for murder? That is the question the justices of the Supreme Court face Wednesday.

On one side of the case being argued are Iowa prosecutors who contend “there is no freestanding right not to be framed.” They are backed by the Obama administration, 28 states and every major prosecutors organization in the country.

On the other side are two black men — Terry Harrington and Curtis McGhee — men who served 25 years in prison before evidence long hidden in police files resulted in them being freed.

Listen to the story and continue reading at Can Prosecutors Be Sued By People They Framed  at the NPR website.

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Now we go from prosecutors to judges.

Selling America's Children

Selling America’s Children

A couple of rouge judges in Wilkes-Barre, in the Northeast part of the state, destroyed the lives of thousands of young people because the judges were on the take.

These “people” (in quotes because I really don’t know what they are) abused their power as judges.  I will not value them as people by using their names.

The PA Supreme Court vacated case after case because these guys set up a scam where the juvenile court system became the feeder system to a bunch of for-profit detention centers.

These judges rushed kids through the juvenile justice system for truly minor offenses, rewarding them with 3 months at these prison camps.  Many times the kids had no legal representation and were immediately whisked away to do their time.

Now that these clowns are caught, they are trying to weasel their way through the system.  It appears the legal system can’t truly handle their own.  Evidently a deal was cut to allow these guys on the street after doing about 7 years.

Judges Found Guilty

Judges Found Guilty

Continue reading at Huff Post Politics

If you do not think these sort of things happen, you are living in a very isolated world.  If you think this does not happen in Montana, you need to start reading. There is documentation and evidence all over Montana with this sort of stuff and it is time for it to come out and get the state on the right track again.

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2012 In Review! Thank You, We Are Going To Make A Difference!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 42,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 10 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.


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Wrongfully Convicted Man To Be Paid $8.5 Million

Edwin Chandler

Written by
Andrew Wolfson
The Courier-Journal

Louisville metro government agreed to pay $8.5 million Thursday to settle a federal lawsuit filed by Edwin Chandler, who spent nine years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of murder.

The settlement was disclosed by Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell and confirmed by two of Chandler’s lawyers, Nick Brustin and Larry Simon.

“He is very, very satisfied, and also very relieved,” Simon said.

Brustin, Chandler’s lead counsel, said: “We are pleased that the settlement recognizes that this was not just an innocent mistake but was the result of very serious misconduct.”

Brustin also said the city has “done the right things in taking responsibility for a terrible act by one of its employees.”

The settlement was reached after federal court-ordered mediation and covers metro government and two police officers who were defendants.

Brustin said that one of them, former Detective Mark Handy, first coerced Chandler into confessing by threatening to arrest his sister for harboring a fugitive and take away her children. Then Handy misrepresented that Chandler had volunteered facts about the crime when all of those facts came from Handy, Brustin said.

Chandler claimed evidence of his innocence was ignored for years because of “a veritable perfect storm of misconduct” by investigators, according to his suit filed in 2010.

He alleged that detectives and officers coerced and fabricated a false confession from him, pressured witness statements, concealed and destroyed evidence of his innocence, and covered up repeated misconduct.

Another lawyer for Chandler, Debi Cornwall, a partner in the New York firm of Neufeld Sheck & Brustin, said when the suit was filed that it was “one of the worst cases of systemic police misconduct I’ve seen in the entire country.”

The same law firm negotiated a settlement of nearly $4 million with the city in a wrongful-arrest lawsuit filed in 2001 on behalf of William Gregory, who was also wrongly convicted and imprisoned.

To Continue Reading:

  • Does the money really cover someone losing his or her life while being in prison wrongfully convicted?  It devastates not only the inmate but hundreds of others in their circle, family and friends.   So many have been wrongfully convicted and more are still sitting in American prisons.  What about those that contribute to these wrongful convictions by misconduct? Only awarding lawsuits  might start preventing this from continually happening but until we start holding county attorneys, police officers or judges being bribed we won’t see any major decrease.  We need to hold them accountable when there is misconduct.  Plain and Simple! 


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Is Montana “Finally” Realizing The Danger In Their Own Legal System? (A Must Read)

America’s Corrupt Legal System – A Danger to All

October 7, 2012 by  · 1 Comment   From:  PolyMontana

by Dr. Les Sachs

  PolyMontana:  The tragic reality of the world’s biggest corrupt legal system -America’s rigged courts, bribed judges, fake and phony trials, extortion by lawyers, and over 2 million prisoners in the USA gulag.

Why USA “justice” is not like in Hollywood movies, and why YOU could be the next victim on USA territory – innocent and sent to prison, or strapped to a table and put to death; or robbed of your life savings by American lawyers.

Why YOU can be tortured, have your freedom and rights taken away, and why people in America are afraid to help you, or even tell what happened to you.

The recent pattern of American violations of international law are ultimately based in the corruption of the USA domestic legal system. Phony USA courts are very dangerous even for travelers and visitors to America, who can easily wind up among the USA’s more than 2 million prisoners, or lose all their family’s possessions to corrupt American lawyers.

All world citizens should know how the corrupt USA legal system, is a danger to every traveler, visitor, and guest worker from overseas, and to every individual who takes the risky step of entering upon American territory. Just ask the overseas families of prisoners who were put to death inside the USA, with their embassies never even being informed that they were arrested – or the many foreign people serving hugely long prison terms in America, after they were jailed on flimsy tainted “evidence” from criminal snitches.

The reality is that the United States of America, which proclaims itself the “land of freedom”, has the most dishonest, dangerous and crooked legal system of any developed nation.

Legal corruption is covering America like a blanket. The corruption of the USA legal system is well-known, but also well-hidden, by the news services of America’s corporate-owned media. The US media companies are afraid both of reprisal, and of the social revolution that would come from exposing the truth. Here is what the US media companies know, but are afraid to tell you about American “justice”.

Concentration camps with concrete walls.

America has the largest prison gulag in the entire world – yes, right there in the USA, the self-proclaimed “land of freedom”. The starting point for understanding anything about the USA, is to digest the fact that just this one country, the United States of America, has twenty-five percent of ALL of the prisoners in the entire world.

More than 2 million prisoners – more than 1 out of every 150 people in America – are behind bars in the American gulag. This is now the world’s biggest system of what are effectively concentration camps, though most of these prisoners are behind masonry walls and inside prison buildings.

For minorities, the statistics are even more brutal. For example, the USA is now imprisoning about 1 out of every 36 people in its black population. American “justice” is especially focused on jailing young black males.

Quite amazingly, Americans and the American government, continually criticize the legal systems and so-called “political” legal proceedings in other countries such as China, Russia, and even Belgium among many other places. Yet, for example, the proportion of prisoners is 30 times higher in the USA than in China, even though China is a country regularly criticized and denounced by the USA government.

No one imprisons people as readily, or casually, as does America.

As you learn more about America’s horrifying legal system, you find out how easily and carelessly America arrests people, and tosses innocent people into prison. It is estimated that America has at least 100,000 completely innocent people in jail, but the statistics of innocence may well run far higher. The number of people known to be innocent, and yet who were actually sentenced to death in recent years in America, is already running into the hundreds.

The USA jailing of more than 2 million people is also, quite literally, a revival of slavery and slave labor, on a scale not seen since the days of the Nazis. USA business corporations are using these prisoners as a giant slave labor pool. Prisoners are forced to produce goods and products while earning mere pennies per hour, which they sometimes have to pay back to the prison for their own upkeep. The expanding system of USA prison slave labor is not only a major source of business profit, but also a wedge to drive down the wages of workers outside the prison walls.

This USA policy, of using mass casual imprisonment as a way to revive slavery, is targeted particularly at minorities, but ends up affecting all working people. Supervised by malicious judges and corrupt lawyers, this culture of mass prisons and slave labor is sold to the citizens by creating a psychology of fear among USA residents. This climate of fear is nourished in the USA by both the media and the government, who work together with the judges and lawyers to maintain the whole crooked game.

Of America’s more than 2 million prisoners, about 50,000 are known to be foreign citizens.

This proportion might seem small, but remember that 50,000 prisoners is more than the entire prison population of many other countries. It only appears as a small percentage, because of America’s obsession with jailing its own people, who have had more time to get caught in America’s web of legal horror.

The USA is extremely casual about the jailing of foreigners, and not honouring their rights under international law or treaties and agreements. Often, foreign citizens have been sentenced to death, while the USA didn’t even bother to notify the foreign government that their citizens were arrested.

Several other governments are working hard just to try and obtain even the most primitive judicial rights for their own nationals, who have been seized and held in abusive conditions by the USA empire. And yet, the United States of America somehow still brags about its own legal system, while criticizing other countries.

Understanding that America has such a huge percentage of even its own people in prison, is to start to understand the subconscious fear behind much of American life. Before you set foot in America, you should have a clear picture of the terror of America’s legal system – the judges and lawyers and money and bribery, that have made this system of fear so pervasive.

There is not yet enough public media information about America’s domestic legal horrors, horrors which have been rapidly increasing. And the American public, even the victims of its legal system, have a hard time realizing why it is so hard to fight legal corruption there. The situation is so bad, that a social explosion is beginning inside America.

You can read some news stories – about people murdering judges, or attacking the families of judges, or people setting fire to courthouses in the USA – and see the pattern that is emerging, even though the news media are afraid to connect the dots and suggest what might be behind all these events. America is trying to maintain its myths about its legal system, even while the desperate reality of life inside the USA is starting to blow back into escalating social upheaval.

USA torture and illegal jailing overseas, starts with USA domestic torture and illegal jailing at home.

The world press has documented clear violations of human and legal rights by America in its overseas jails, such as the infamous situations in Guantanamo and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, and the even more secret network of prisons in places like Diego Garcia or on board American ships.

But the problem is much bigger, than America’s legal abuses under its military invasions and “war on terrorism”. These USA violations of international law, are consistent with the corruption in America’s home legal system within its own borders, and have partly evolved from America’s legal abuses against its own citizens and residents.

American prisons are often horrible, with lots of torment of prisoners, like you would expect in some petty dictatorship. Conditions are brutal in USA jails; rape and beatings are common, and there is little help for abused inmates. In addition to the many official USA executions, numerous people are also illegally killed in jail cells, “mysteriously” said to have hanged themselves or “found stabbed to death”.

Scandals of overseas prison abuse, as in the USA-run Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, have arisen from sources much deeper than America’s foreign policy. These scandals are in part replications of inmate abuse inside of America’s domestic prison gulag. Without diminishing the brutality of the crimes committed by Americans in Iraqi prisons, it is also true that such crimes are consistent with the brutality of prisons inside America.

In the regular functioning of the USA courts, America’s domestic lawyers and judges, threaten people with illegal jailing, and rape, torture and murder in jail, just like the threats used by Americans against Iraqi subjects of the American occupation. America will play the song about “just a few bad apples in the barrel” whenever an abuse scandal gets exposed, either domestically or abroad, but the cover-up of such abuse is more the routine response.

Theoretically, torture and abuse is totally outlawed by America’s Constitution, but some of the nice words in America’s Constitution hold little power anymore, despite how often people quote them. The Americans who still believe the Constitution protects them, are mostly those people who haven’t yet dealt with the judges and lawyers of America’s corrupt legal system.

America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights are nearly dead, not just because the judges will no longer enforce them, but even more because America’s lawyers will not even fight for them. The two American “political parties” are not fighting for them, either, and America’s news media are also very passive. If you look at America in depth, you can see there has been a widespread moral collapse in America’s legal and political structures. This means that America’s legal system has become largely a tool of government terror, and of bribery for the rich and the powerful. The average person is just fodder for the meat-grinder of America’s courts.

America’s lies and sleazy arguments to make excuses for torture, or to deny people the rights of the Geneva convention, or holding people for many years without charges, are also just an extension of the deviousness in America’s domestic legal system. Inside America, neither its laws nor its Constitution nor the facts nor evidence nor anything else, no longer have real authority inside the American courts.

All that’s left is what American lawyers and judges call “the game”.

As part of playing this game, USA lawyers and judges just twist words around, in order to produce any excuse, however flimsy, to achieve their objective, whether that be to jail an innocent person, or give the verdict that was sought by the big company that paid the big bribe through its law firm.

It is an endlessly devious manipulation of words and phrases to get the desired result, just devious falsehood and lies backed by the naked power of the judges. The only “real” part is the power that the judges and lawyers hold in America, to jail you and take away your property. The words of the law don’t protect you in the USA, because American judges and lawyers have no scruples about bending them to mean the opposite of what they say.

America’s lawyers are controlled by the judges, and don’t really work for you – that’s why they sell you out to the government, or to the big companies that pay bribes

There’s some very special aspects about the way American lawyers are controlled by American judges, which is central to why America’s legal corruption is so much worse than any other advanced nation. Even if you are paying an American lawyer huge amounts of money, he or she doesn’t really work for you, and in fact may sell you down the river to the jailhouse.

American lawyers are directly under the thumb of the judges and the government, and must submit to the culture of bribery and perversion of justice, or else face terrifying revenge. Lawyers, just like you, can be instantly jailed by an American judge on flimsy pretexts, and American lawyers can be quickly stripped of their right to practice law, and personally and financially destroyed, if they dare to criticize legal corruption. Lawyers who try to fight the system can find themselves not only dis-barred, but also criminally charged and jailed, and no other lawyer will help them.

It is a horribly crooked system in America.

This is different from other advanced countries, where lawyers are usually a professional guild, whose status and right to practice law, is under the control of only their fellow lawyers. This means that, in other countries, the judges and the government cannot easily ruin or attack the lawyers for purely political reasons. This is also part of why, in other developed countries, outside of America, you really do see brave lawyers fighting for un-popular clients, or challenging the government, and asking for justice.

But in America, it’s different. Over the past century, the American lawyers lost the right to regulate themselves, and instead fell under the power of the judges. So American lawyers are afraid to do things in court, that the judges don’t want them to do. America’s army of nearly 1 million lawyers, is almost totally under the control of a few thousand judges, with their entrenched culture of bribery and fraud and miscarriage of justice.

Some USA lawyers don’t like this, but they are helpless and can’t fight it. Most lawyers in America have, to one degree or another, signed up with the devil, to do things the way the devil wants them done.

That means that any time you hire an American lawyer, he already is in a conflict of interest. He has to make the judge happy first. And if the judge wants to make the government happy, or make somebody else happy who is paying a big bribe, then guess what? You are destroyed.

It doesn’t matter what you paid the lawyer. He works for the judge, first and foremost. So a totally unique factor in USA legal corruption is the amazingly dishonest profession of American lawyers, these lawyers who “play the game” with America’s judges and politicians and police. It is a savage culture of legal fraud, where lawyers work with judges to rob and terrify people, especially minorities, but also foreigners, and above all those who dare to question the system.

People accused of serious crimes have the “right” to a lawyer, but this may mean only a crooked lawyer who is stage-managing the victim to help the government and prosecutors. If the lawyer does not help the government, he can be put out of work and not “assigned” to any more cases, or treated badly the next time he is in a courtroom.

This legal fraud is the core of the danger to those who visit America.

A lawyer who is “representing” you in the USA, whether the government is paying him, or even if you are paying him yourself, may just be a stooge who is helping the prosecutors to put you in jail, even though you are innocent. The judges of America gave every accused criminal the “right” to a lawyer, not because they cared about the rights of the accused, but because it helps stage-manage the victim, with a lawyer who has to do things the judge’s way.

In America, such government-appointed lawyers are the means by which hundreds of thousands of poor people are railroaded into prison. Some of these people were just foreign tourists, in the wrong place at the wrong time, and wound up rotting in an American prison.

Some lawyers are fairly subtle about it, and their victims never realize the lawyer has sold them out to the judge and the government. Most American court cases never go to trial, never see a jury; it is the job of the victim’s lawyer to “sell the deal” that the judge has decided will happen, or else.

This is how people accept a “plea bargain” so they accept going to jail for 3 years even though they are innocent, instead of going to trial before a jury. Because of the corruption of lawyers under the thumb of the judges, there’s a very fake and phony aspect of court proceedings in America. They are really fake “show trials” in many cases, sometimes very obviously so, where both purported “sides” of lawyers are actually working together for the government, or for the big corporation or rich person that is bribing the judge.

You will also find, in the American legal system, that you essentially have no recourse whatsoever against wrongdoing by your own lawyer.

A lawyer can sell you out, betray you, steal your money, engage in malpractice, help out the other side, hide the evidence that proved you were right, or commit felony crime against you, and there is nothing you can do about it, so long as the lawyer made the judge happy, and the judge got his cut of any money the lawyer stole from you.

Innocent and being arrested – they don’t like to admit a mistake in America.

Yes, lots of people live their whole lives in America and never get arrested. And yet, some poor foreign visitor comes to America for a short holiday, gets arrested by mistake, and gets sentenced to death by lethal injection even though he is totally innocent. Well, that’s the lottery of life for those who visit or live in America.

The police and prosecutors in America have no concern at all whether they have arrested someone who is innocent. They just don’t care. When a crime is committed, they try to arrest somebody, anybody, just to say they got the bad guy. And they never like to admit they made a mistake.

Once they arrest you, they will try to make up and plant false evidence, to help try and convict you. A common trick is to take other criminals they know, who are facing jail on other charges, and get those criminals to be false witnesses against you. The cops justify this kind of thing by saying to themselves,

Well, if you didn’t commit this crime, you probably committed some other crime we don’t know about.”

If they do arrest you in America, they like to pile on all sorts of criminal charges. The idea is to charge you with 10 crimes, because it makes you sound bad, and maybe convict you on 3 of them or you will accept a plea bargain on 1 or 2 of them. Any kind of guilty plea, and they call it a success, even though you were totally innocent.

For the police and prosecutors, it’s all a kind of sporting game, so they can bring about their “high conviction rate“. Perhaps part of the reason America has so much crime, even with more than 2 million people in prison, is because the people who actually committed the crimes were never arrested. Also, some poor people may feel that the odds are high they will be arrested someday anyway, so they may as well be criminals and enjoy life in the meantime.

The system is extremely racist, of course, and white people are arrested less than many minorities. But no one is safe. Any innocent person can get railroaded to death in America.

Multi-millionaires and big corporations, vs. everybody else.

The only people who really can get expect some fairness in American courts are multi-millionaires and big corporations. Nobody else really matters to American judges and lawyers.

There is a huge amount of bribery in America, perhaps even more than in the courts of any other country in the world. Even some American ex-judges have admitted the near-universality of bribery there. Nearly all bribes are given to the judges by lawyers; this is considered the safe way to bribe a judge. Bribery is rarely spoken about, just understood.

Rich people pay huge amounts of money to law firms with connections, the lawyers walk around with a certain amount of cash in their jacket, and they pass it to the judges in their quiet moments together. It is mostly all cash of course. Sometimes the bribery is blatantly obvious, because of the other crimes that lawyers and judges commit in broad daylight together. In the courtrooms you can see the judges being extremely friendly to their rich lawyer friends who pay big bribes.

As an average person, there’s no real way to out-bribe a big corporation, regardless of what your lawyer promised you. That’s why the big companies win so often.

American judges are very devious, and use all sorts of techniques to prevent a victim from getting justice. Lots of judges issue gag orders, and bans on freedom of speech, to help prevent other people from finding out what is going on. Judges set up a trial in all sorts of ways, giving orders that all sorts of evidence be hidden from a jury, for example. The judge may declare, for example, that the evidence that proves you are innocent or right, will not be allowed at the trial.

Jury trials are actually very rare in America, unlike what you see in the movies. Most cases are settled through some deal or extortion or intimidation, before there is an actual trial. If there is a jury trial, they tend to stack the jury with un-educated idiots who will tend to believe whatever lies they are told by the judge and the government.

If you are trying to fight a rich person in court, the judge might let the fancy lawyers for the rich person say anything they want, while he tells you to shut up as soon as you start talking. The judges have a thousand ways to rig a legal proceeding, to benefit rich people or the government.

It’s no wonder so many innocent people go to prison. With the fundamental brutality and harshness of life in America, American citizens are confused and fearful, and gullible to propaganda. So, a jury in a courtroom, these people who tend to be poorly educated, will tend to go along with any lies presented by government prosecutors. In this environment of fear, the feeling of safety for the jury, comes from following the “strong” government in sending various “suspected criminals” to jail.

Yes, there are appeals courts, but these are just more judges, who are often friends with the lower court judge who originally sold you out. The appeals judges tend to go along with the lower court judge, unless you have suddenly acquired some politically powerful backing on your side.

Americans love to talk about “taking it all the way to the Supreme Court!”, but this is a nearly empty hope. The U.S. Supreme Court simply refuses to consider most cases that are presented to it.

If you are a little helpless nobody, the appeals judges often barely reply to you, and sometimes don’t reply at all. Sometimes people have been strapped to a table and given the lethal poison and put to death in America, with the victim’s appeal never even answered by the judges.

What about when people win millions of dollars in a lawsuit against the big company?

Every now and then, there is worldwide news of how some average person in America has won a lawsuit for $25 million or some other huge sum of money, from some company or other. What’s going on here – if the American legal system is so crooked, how can people be winning such big money?

Such cases are indeed real, but they are actually somewhat rare, numerically – rather like winning the lottery – and it’s important to see why they take place, and how they fit into the big pattern. Such cases are typically after someone has been seriously injured or died due to some defective product or prescription drug or hospital treatment or accident.

These cases have a certain “place” in the American legal framework, accepted by the judges. They are also very important for maintaining the bribery culture. A lot of the money won in such cases goes into the lawyer’s pockets, and is a major source of bribery money for the judges. As regards big companies and the judges, such cases are viewed as a kind of “tax” on the big corporations, part of the cost of doing business in America, part of the price of being able to otherwise make huge profits.

Such cases, as well, have the same function as in a gambling casino, when the casino proudly announces that one customer has just won a huge jackpot. The hype about the one jackpot winner, hides the fact that most everyone else is losing money. The person whose husband died from the defective prescription drug, and won millions of dollars (one-third of that to the lawyer, of course), is the person who is shoved forward to prove that “the legal system works – it’s the greatest legal system in the world!”

The small handful of such personal-injury cases, are intended to distract the public from all the innocent people sentenced to prison, from all the families destroyed by bribed judges in divorce cases, and from all the people whose lives are destroyed by big companies, companies who cheerfully pay bribes to win their routine cases in court.

Big companies know that some big “injury” cases will be lost, in order to supply money for the lawyers and judges who otherwise take good care of the big company’s interests. When you are making hundreds of millions of dollars, the loss of a few million here and there is just another expense of business. In the end, the companies just raise their prices to cover the costs of lawyers and lawsuits. The whole world pays for the millions earned by American lawyers, they are the ultimate parasites.

There are other casualties here, too. America’s health care system has been destroyed from the inside by the legal culture of constant lawsuits against doctors and hospitals, with huge amounts of money being given to the lawyers in these cases, driving up the cost of medical care and putting it out of reach of many people.

America is the only economically advanced nation without a national health plan, with tens of millions of Americans having no health coverage. USA lawyers joke openly about how, when the courts make big money awards to pay a lawyer, the lawyer often gives the judge a bribe by way of gratitude. Some lawyers grow rich, and doctors are afraid to continue  practicing medicine in the US, and many Americans die from lack of health care.

But while America’s lawyers will very casually file legal charges against doctors, hospitals, or ordinary people, for any flimsy reason, to try and squeeze some money from the situation, they are extremely afraid to take any legal action against another lawyer or judge engaged in misconduct. That’s where fear takes over, and lawyers are suddenly too timid to file any lawsuits.

The Hollywood image, versus the grim reality.

Once you have digested the fact that America has the world’s largest prison gulag, another major thing to digest is the USA government, and much of America, is primarily a sales organization, whose chief tool is hype and propaganda and outright lies. America is a culture built on sales and advertising; it focuses on portraying an image, not the reality beneath it.

This is why America was so casual about inventing and selling the lies about “weapons of mass destruction” to help start the Iraq invasion. It was just a question of whatever lies needed to be told, in order to sell the product; there was no concern about afterwards, when the lies were exposed. America just figures it can later send out more salespeople with more lies, in an endless cycle. Tomorrow is just another day, when America will try to sell another product, the “war on terror“, the “spread of freedom“, or whatever.

The selling never stops, in Washington or Hollywood. America sells political lies like Hollywood sells movies. When the USA President talks about “advancing the cause of freedom“, he basically means freedom for big corporations to do business. He’s not really talking about actual personal freedom for real people.

But he grins when he talks about “freedom” because it’s a good word of salesmanship, people hear him and some of them can be duped into believing that America cares about personal or political freedom.

Hollywood movies and American television are a major element of political myth-making. Around the world, people derive an image of America, and its legal system, from these fictional creations on film. America’s propaganda about having “the greatest legal system in the world” is one of those phony stories that Hollywood is helping to sell.

It is also a myth sustained by the few trials about which there is a lot of publicity, like with the celebrity trials of Martha Stewart or Michael Jackson. Judges behave very differently when the cameras are rolling, or the media is reporting everything that goes on, and millions of dollars are being spent on lawyers. But in the 98 percent of court activity that does not have big media coverage, the judges of America provide a bizarre sideshow of horror.

In the Hollywood version, the judges in American courts are like kind uncles, smiling and being wise and calmly dispensing justice. But in reality, American judges sometimes scream at people like disturbed perverts, and show off their bribed corruption right there in the courtroom.

Sometimes judges engage in flagrant extortion, where you have to agree to pay money to the judge’s lawyer friends as the price to stay out of jail. It is really that bad. You can find no end of documented horror about American judges behaving like criminal lunatics, and it is getting worse all the time.

In the Hollywood version, there are brave lawyers who will fight for your rights, to win justice for you in the American courts. In reality, you can’t find an American lawyer brave enough to fight judicial corruption, even if you are innocent and the judge’s friends have threatened to murder you, or to send you to jail for the rest of your life.

The lawyers who used to be brave, were destroyed or intimidated, and nearly all American lawyers now submit themselves to the culture of corruption and bribery, and betraying and abandoning the people who need legal help.

In the sad reality, American lawyers line up by the dozen to help the government or the big corporations, and regularly betray the average person, even if they are supposedly representing you. Even the lawyers who don’t want to be wicked themselves, are too timid to really fight the system.

At a certain point, nearly all American lawyers will hold back and abandon their clients, because they are trying to survive themselves and avoid revenge by the judges. In the Hollywood version, the average person is also helped by the “brave investigative reporter” at some newspaper or television station, who shows great courage in exposing the truth, and bringing powerful wrongdoing to face justice.

However, the brave “investigative reporter” in America is now as fictional and non-existent as the “brave lawyer” who will fight for your rights. This is especially true on any topic pertaining to corruption by judges and lawyers.

In America today, reporters are little timid people who are afraid of getting fired, and who almost never write a story on government corruption, unless some other part of the government is officially investigating or prosecuting. That goes triple when judges or lawyers are involved.

The owners of the newspapers and television stations are afraid of revenge by the judges if they have to go to court, and the nervous little reporters who work for them understand the rules of the game. If you look closely at a modern newspaper or news magazine in the USA, you will see how almost all stories originate with the government itself.

When the media “investigates”, they are usually just adding more details on a situation already being targeted by the government. Every news media and television station in America is swamped with people begging them to report on stories, that they totally refuse to cover. The reporters are too scared, and they know the stories wouldn’t get printed or broadcast even if they were written.

America is the land of fear, as regards the legal system and the culture of corruption. Everyone involved with the USA legal system is afraid, very afraid, of stepping on the wrong toes. Even American judges themselves get driven out of office, if they don’t participate in the bribery culture.

No recourse against crime and fraud by judges and lawyers in America.

In reality, there is almost nothing you can do against misconduct, and even open felony crime, committed against you by American judges and lawyers. All of the official complaint procedures you find on the internet, or at the courthouse or in the law books, turn out to be a joke, a farce and a fraud.

Complaints about lawyers in America, usually go to the “Bar”, which is itself run by the judges who are involved in bribery with the lawyers. And complaints about judges go to other judges, their friends. Nearly all the complaints about lawyers and judges – tens of thousands of them – are kept secret. Nearly all are dismissed or ignored.

They are generally only used if the judges or politicians want to specially destroy someone – some radical minority lawyer, someone who is not playing the bribery game, somebody who has dared to expose wrongdoing. Otherwise, even criminal acts by lawyers and judges get a smiling cover-up.

You will almost certainly not find any lawyers to help you sue another lawyer for wrongdoing. They are too scared of revenge by the judges. Even the lawyers who are broke and unemployed and desperate for work, are too scared to sue another lawyer. (Special caution: Lawyers may make false promises to you about suing another lawyer, cash your checks and steal your money, and then refuse to help you. And then you will have another lawyer who wronged you.)

The police and FBI almost certainly will not help you, either. They all know the bribery game, and they rely on the same crooked judges to help send innocent people to prison after they have been arrested. The more crooked the judge, the more eager the judge will be, to help the police or FBI do a dirty deal and convict an innocent person.

And, of course, the newspapers and television and media won’t help you. They hear stories like yours all the time. If they publish or broadcast your story, then they will have problems the next time they get sued in court. Or they might find themselves arrested on false charges, and end up in an even worse situation than you.

The newspapers are so tied into the establishment of judges and lawyers, that the newspapers sometimes help the judges and lawyers to commit their crimes, and to unfairly smear and attack their victims. The big media newspapers have even helped to plant false “evidence” in court cases, and help the legal establishment to destroy innocent people.

But even if not harming you, the USA media is afraid to help you, afraid of revenge if they expose judicial corruption. These fears are just as big, if not bigger, with America’s radical and alternative media, and bloggers and internet sites. Such people will criticize American foreign policy and so on, but everybody is scared of talking about specific cases of corruption by lawyers and judges. The independent media has even more reason to be afraid, because they are even more vulnerable if the lawyers start to file false charges against them in the courts.

Of course, America’s politicians will not help you, either. Many politicians are themselves lawyers, very used to the whole game of bribery with judges and other lawyers. The politicians accept the crooked courts as the way that America is run, and as helping the two big parties to monopolize the political scene and prevent alternative political movements.

America’s two big political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, can be seen as another phony game like America’s courts. The two parties actually get their hundreds of millions of dollars in money from the same people at the same big corporations who own the rest of America. These two American parties pretend to argue with each other over emotional issues like gun control and abortion rights, but in the end both of these parties serve the big corporations.

Half of Americans are still fooled into thinking that these parties represent them, the other half sense it is phony but feel helpless and don’t know what to do. This is why people don’t vote very much in America; they feel it is hopeless and useless.

You can also forget about America’s human rights and civil liberties groups, even though it looks, at first, like there are many such groups on the internet. Many such groups are just money-raising groups which don’t help victims, or are tied to the two main political parties or some narrow agenda. They are all scared of the legal system, too, and there is no one with any significant funding or money, who is out there helping the victims of legal corruption.

They can’t find lawyers to help them, either. There are some overwhelmed and struggling projects here and there, doing worthy work for a few of the innocent people in prison, but they function in an environment of timidity and fear, and without the resources or clout or media access to expose or change what is happening. It’s getting worse and worse in America all the time.

As the judges and lawyers can get away with committing crimes, they are getting more open and blatant, committing felony crimes in broad daylight, because they know no one will stop them or bring them to account. It is also important to know, that once you have started complaining about, or exposing, judicial and legal corruption in America, you become a kind of outlaw there.

You are in a very dangerous situation, and you are considered fair game to be either arrested and jailed on false charges, or to be totally robbed and betrayed by America’s lawyers. Once you have spoken out about legal corruption, you may find that no other lawyer will then help you for any reason, even if it is un-related to your complaint about judicial wrongdoing. You may be trapped in a nightmare from which there is no escape unless you can leave America altogether.

Dealing with American lawyers, if you have no other choice.

Perhaps the statistical chance of getting arrested in America as an innocent person, and then being sent to prison or put to death, is relatively small. But think of how you will feel if you end up as one of those 2 million American prisoners, including 50,000 foreign citizens. Or perhaps even one of those several thousand people on Death Row, waiting for the lethal poison to be injected into your arm.

Visiting America now, is probably similar to visiting or doing business in 1936 with Hitler’s Reich, or Mussolini’s fascist empire. If you did such a thing in 1936, you might have visited and had a wonderful time, maybe even have done some business with companies in those countries. You might have seen some beautiful sights, and met some very friendly individual people, perhaps drunk a beer or two, or a nice glass of wine, maybe attended the 1936 Olympics. Very likely, you wouldn’t have seen any concentration camps, in the places where you traveled. You might have had a very pleasant trip.

But nonetheless, you were in a dangerous place, where horrible things were going on. That’s true of the United States of America today, the land of 2 million prisoners in a giant gulag. With America’s corrupt legal system, it’s certainly not the wisest place to keep money or assets, which can be easily grabbed by American lawyers in legal proceedings. Many smart Americans have opened overseas bank accounts, and it is wise to not keep too much money where American lawyers can seize it.

There is no bigger group of thieves in the world, than American lawyers.

If you are in a lawsuit situation in America, get all your money out of the country, fast, before the USA lawyers can put any kind of hold or freeze on it. But you shouldn’t keep substantial assets in the USA in the first place. Sell any USA real estate and rent instead, get that money out where it is safe.

Certainly, don’t ever expect any justice from American courts. Expect the judges and both sides of lawyers to tilt toward the government, or toward the big company that can pay bribes on a regular basis. All that most people get out of American courts, is grief, and lawyers stealing their money. Best not to approach American courts unless absolutely necessary.

Despite the commonplace fraud and dishonesty of American lawyers, it’s still important to have one if you must be in an American court. The reason is that American judges absolutely hate people who come to court without lawyers, especially if they have any money at all. The judge takes it as a personal insult if you are not giving some money to one of his lawyer friends, and will tend to take revenge on you unless you hire a lawyer, even a very stupid one, to stand by your side.

What American lawyers love to do, is to steal all your money, tell you a bunch of false promises and lies, and then do nothing for you, while they sell you out to the other side. That is a perfect scenario for an American lawyer.

A lawyer’s goal is to squeeze as much money from you, while at the same time doing as little as possible to rock the judge’s political boat. Some lawyers even make money by the “research and review” scam, where they don’t even agree to represent you, but just steal your money to “research” your case.

Accept in advance that an American lawyer will rob you and betray you, and everything will go more smoothly if you quietly understand this. Never actually trust an American lawyer, but don’t let on that you know he’s a crook.

Don’t tell the lawyer how much money you really have, he will try to get all of it. Try to pay a lawyer very slowly, in small chunks, that will keep him more interested, and prevent some of the bigger robberies and betrayals, and will leave you some money to try another lawyer if things get too awful.

Remember, once you give a USA lawyer any money, it’s almost impossible to get it back. Lawyers will almost never sue another lawyer, and if you go to court, the judge will almost certainly protect the lawyer who defrauded you (and get a share of the money, of course).

Lawyers and judges in America like people to appear to be submissive and stupid and easily manipulated. They like to feel superior to you. By letting them think that you are weak and falling for their lies, you may give yourself some breathing room. This tactic has even enabled some people to stay alive and not get murdered, and to escape from America back to safety.

The growing American nightmare.

It is just getting worse and worse in America’s legal system. For some years now, the USA judges and lawyers have gotten used to denying people justice, to the great flow of bribery money, and even to committing felony crimes in broad daylight and getting away with it. It just keeps on escalating. Though a social explosion is lurking beneath the surface – with judges starting to get murdered, and people lighting courthouses ablaze – the people who run America are letting the current system chug along as it is, justice be damned, and to hell with the people who seem to have no way to fight back.

It can’t go on like this forever, but it may get a lot worse first, despite the fair internet visibility on documented American legal corruption. One should note a brave and promising grass-roots attempt at judicial reform in the USA called (Jail 4 Judges –, which attempts to place onto American ballots, a referendum for a new procedure to give citizens a real right of redress against corrupt judges.

It is a wonderful and beautiful idea that deserves success, and will help transform America if it moves forward. Regrettably, though, for all the usual reasons of fear, there is no one with any big money or media clout, yet making a foray against the real-life nightmare of America’s courts and prisons. It remains a taboo subject for the American media, and the media silence feeds and encourages the whole machine of bribery and repression.

Perhaps, though, it will not be until after America has had a major economic or social cataclysm, that the big American machine of legal corruption finally comes to be reformed. Sociologically speaking, it’s astonishing how disgraceful American lawyers have become – they are now both the mafia and the gestapo of American life.

America’s lawyers, as a whole, have had little to say about America’s recent international crimes of prisoner abuse, and violation of international human rights agreements. American lawyers, as always nowadays, are “playing the game” with America’s government and its judges.

America, indeed, does not have the rule of law at all. Instead, it is just the rule of lawyers, lawyers who crave money and power. And, in America, it can be jail or worse for anyone who tries to fight these lawyers.

The reality of the United States of America is that Americans, despite their overall wealth as a nation, are now a people living in a society of great fear. Their fears are complicated, and many Americans cannot even put their fears into words. They are afraid of lawyers and the prison system, afraid of losing their jobs in a brutal society with no social safety net, afraid of needing health care in a disastrous system with no health plan.

And Americans are afraid of what will happen if they try to question the system and the way things work. They often feel helpless and powerless against the great forces dominating their country. American citizens are confused and fearful, and gullible to propaganda.

Because Americans have difficulty in sorting out their many fears, they have become ripe candidates for racial and religious hatreds, and for following their government into war. The issues of “terrorism” and war distract the emotions of Americans from the terrible problems in their own society at home. The foreign “enemy” gives Americans a face on which to project their fear and their anger.

The result is the horrifying misconduct of some Americans in these wars; while back inside the USA, there is increasing corruption and repression in the legal system. Americans desperately would like to believe that they still live in a “free” country, as it is so horrifying to them to face the ugly truth, that their freedom is already largely lost.

Americans can imagine they are “free” because they can still choose among different products to buy, or quit their job, or buy a gun at the store. And the Americans most likely to imagine they are still “free” are the ones who have not yet been trapped in the halls of America’s legal system. They have not yet seen the lawyers and judges who smirk and laugh as they deny victims the most basic human rights.

The truth is that, inside America, a nightmare has begun.

The lawyers and judges and courts, “playing the game”, regularly trample upon the freedoms that Americans thought they had. It is people like myself, escaped from the USA, living in kinder and gentler places, who are now the lucky ones.

No one should ever again be fooled by USA propaganda about being the “land of freedom”. Those who are thinking of travelling to, visiting, or working in America, should think again. It might not be worth the risk of being in a country that has one of the most crooked legal systems in the world.

Injustice Exposed

To View Source And To Read More:

  • Excellent Article..someone that is finally speaking the truth.  Well done, well done. Thank you for bringing this great article to our attention.  
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Innocence Project – Barry Scheck In A New Series – Epiphany

If you liked the movie of the true story “Conviction” then you will be interested in this new show called “Epiphany“, which spotlights Barry Scheck, attorney and founder of The Innocence Project.  His episodes on EPIPHANY engage issues of innocence and the death penalty.

EPIPHANY is a series that invites impassioned thought leaders across all disciplines to reveal the innovative, the improbable, and the unexpected of their worlds. For each thought leader profiled, THNKR releases 5 short videos that cumulatively give viewers an intimate, compelling, and thought-provoking glimpse into the host’s life story, ideas, and interests, culminating in a Q&A with online followers.

A premium “YouTube” Channel called THNKR. Created and produced by, THNKR gives you extraordinary access to the people, stories, places and thinking that will change your mind.

I thank the Prison Movement for sharing this exciting project!

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Oprah Winfrey Shares Labeled For Life – Sex Offender – Falsely Accused?

Labeled for Life: Missing Memories – Our America with Lisa LingOprah Winfrey Network

Travis spent 16 years in prison for a sexual crime that he denies ever having committed. Now, Lisa Ling visits Jamie who was present the night of the incident to try and shed some light on what really went on that night.

Comments From This TV Show: 

  1. This show made me cry. I don’t know what happened but I have a strong feeling this young boy did not commit this crime. This should be reviewed. Something MUST be done. How can a 16 year old go before the courts and pled guilty w/o a trial. I think that, because of his age a trial should have taken place. There were more people stating he didn’t do it than there were people claiming he did! Look at what his mother has been through no parent deserves to go through this. Shame on Austins courts.
  2. This is sadly more common that we know.The rush to throw “someone” in jail, shoddy, lazy police work and of course often just lies.
  3. A lot of people don’t know a lot of things about sex offenders. There is kids on the list, bums, and many more crazy reasons. All a female gotta do is say he touched me and a female can say so and so touched me 20 yrs ago and the guy can be put in jail. Everyone think as soon as they hear sex offender they think some guy hurt a young child, but not all on the list is on it for this reason. And once your charged with it then your labeled for life. Can’t judge a book by what it’s named.
  4. My mom told me this story even before it got to the Oprah show. Travis has a history of Terret’s (sp?) syndrome, and erratic behavior. My mom is a good friend of Travis’ grandmother, and although some of the details are sketchy, it appears as if Travis got tossed into prison for “accidentally” touching the outer part of a young girl’s shirt. He wasn’t molesting her, as they made it seem to be. These people who got interviewed here are obviously covering up a terrible injustice.
  5. Travis was 17 at the time of the offense. In Texas, for criminal purposes, a person is considered an adult at 17. The transcript of the police “interview” shows Travis’ mom was present at the time of the “interview” but was instructed to stay out of it by the officer doing the questioning. The court appointed lawyer told her the same thing. Pretty horrifying when you think of it. At 17 you can’t vote, buy cigarettes, spray paint, join the military sign, a business contract, etc.
  6. The people interviewed were teenagers who were present at the time of the alleged incident or parents.. The police officer that questioned Travis told Travis they had already talked to all of the parents and the kids that were present that day. The police told Travis they already knew what he did because they had talked to them. However, none of them were contacted by the police and didn’t know what had happened to Travis. They were shocked to learn the fate of Travis.
  7. It is a case of gross injustice. It has been horrible for Diane and her entire family. Travis was accused, lied to, coaxed into confessing, arrested, held in county jail until his court appointed lawyer talked him into a plea by telling Travis if he would take a plea he would get probation and could get out of jail.
  8. I wish there had been more time for Lisa Ling to include all the details on Travis case from the time he was accused to the time he was revoked and sentenced to 20 years. UNREAL
  9. You forgot to mention EXTORTION. Diane was forced to pay thousands of dollars to inmates who threatened to kill Travis if she didn’t pay. She was afraid NOT to pay them.

Diane’s Letters – Our America with Lisa Ling – Oprah Winfrey Network

A Normal Person Again – Our America with Lisa Ling – Oprah Winfrey Network OWN Subscribe

Martin shares how his family has coped with his name on the Sex Offender Registry and what their hopes are now that he’s been removed.

To Watch The Full Shows Go To Oprah Winfrey Network

More and more people are becoming aware that there is a major problem in our prison industry.  There are too many that are indeed innocent.  There are too many being falsely accused.  There are those that are being labeled that should not be labeled and should not be in prison.  Montana wake up – we have it running rampant here in our state. That is the common line that prosecuting attorneys use – He/She pled guilty.  Although only 5% go to trial.  Attorneys have found a neat little way to tie something up.  Threaten not to have a fair trial and then use the plea bargain and it does not matter to them if the person is innocent or guilty.  They don’t have to prove anything as far as someone’s guilt. Sure there are criminals, but this is also a nice way to just slide innocents through too. Makes money and it’s another notch on their belt. 

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Prosecutors That Abuse Their Authority And Convict Innocent People

The Heritage Foundation lists “overcriminalization” as one issue it studies. Ed Meese, former attorney general for Ronald Reagan, works on this issue. In the December 14, 2011 article in the Wall Street Journal, entitled ‘Criminal Code is Overgrown, Legal Experts Tell Panel”, Meese is quoted as saying in addition to the 4500 criminal statutes, there are “over 300,000 other regulations that don’t appear in the federal code but nevertheless carry essentially criminal penalties including prison”.

There are too many laws and too many opportunities for prosecutors to abuse their authority. The combination of 300,000 regulations, 4500 laws give prosecutors too many ways to convict.

Adding to this problem is the power of the prosecutors. They and they alone determine what a crime is and who to prosecute. Crimes are, in some cases, determined by “criminal intent”. The standard for determining “criminal intent” is left up to prosecutors. Our legal system is supposed to punish only those who intentionally break the law. The line between “criminal intent” and “unintentionally committing a crime” has been has become blurred as prosecutors decide the issue of “intent”.

The problem of determining “criminal intent” is not new for the justice system. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson discussed the role of intent in 1951. He said, “The ancient requirement of a culpable state of mind” means conviction only occurs when there is “an evil-meaning mind with an evil-doing hand”.

In Harvey Silverglate’s book, “Three Felonies a Day”, he discusses Justice Jackson in his introduction. According to Silverglate, Jackson was concerned about the issue of “criminal intent” when he served as attorney general to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1940.Justice Jackson was also concerned about excessive prosecutorial zeal.

Justice Jackson stated, “if a prosecutor is obliged to choose his cases, it follows that he can choose his defendants” and “the most dangerous power of the prosecutor: that he will pick people that he thinks he should get, rather than pick cases that need to be prosecuted (Silverglate)”.

More and more people are being prosecuted for “what a prosecutor thinks and tells juries is in the mind of the accused”. Changing the very definition of “criminal intent” and stretching its definition has allowed an increased number of incarcerations.

Little can be done without an extraordinary effort by the American public.

We are facing huge obstacles;

- The number of laws is too large; 4500 laws and at least 300,000 regulations

- Prosecutors determine who is guilty of “criminal intent” according to their own standards

- Prosecutors are picking defendants and are accountable to no one

- Congress does not have the issue of “the overcriminalization of America” on either a front or a back burner


Until there is a broad coalition from the right and the left, from individuals across this nation, no change will be made. Prosecutors will use their unlimited powers to continue to convict many innocent people. Everyone working on these issues must come together to create a public outcry for the immediate reductions of laws and limiting the powers of the prosecutor.


Montana County Attorneys' Association

  • It is time for Americans to hold them accountable and stand together for change in our system.  This is a crime that the prosecutors have this kind of power and do not have to answer or be held liable for their own wrong doings.  Montana this has ran rampant here in Montana. Just look through this website of hundreds upon hundreds of newspaper articles and links to back up what is being said.   Let your voice be heard!  It is only going to get worse if you don’t make the stand now! 
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65 Million Americans Have Been Convicted Of A Crime!

This was in 2005, the numbers in America have only increased.  Look at us compared to the rest of the whole world.  We represent only 5% of the world but 25% of the incarcerated in the world.  

Ex-Offender Nation is a membership organization of people alarmed by the criminal justice system. Increased prosecution, lengthy sentencing of first time and/ or non- violent offenders, poor conditions in prisons and little to no opportunity for ex-felons, caused like minded people to come together.

Congress is creating new laws and not repealing any old, outdated or vague laws. Prosecutors have tools to make doing almost anything in America illegal. As a result of there being no oversight of prosecutors, many Americans face devastating arrests. Politicians are putting money into the building of prisons for financial reasons.

Ex-Offender Nation is committed to bring to light the problem of over-prosecution, over-sentencing, over-incarceration and over-criminalization. The American public needs to have a good look into the American criminal justice system. And it needs to see it from the point of view of those arrested, those incarcerated and those re-entering life.

The voices of millions of felons and ex-felons will be heard through the pages of and we will work to ensure a change in the criminal justice system.

Ex-Offender Nation was born out of the experience Evie Litwok had with the criminal justice system. Arrested in 1997, convicted 12 years later in 2009, incarcerated in 2010 and ordered released in 2011 by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Evie lost 14 years of her life fighting with the United States Government.

From the moment of arrest, life changes. The arrest warrant marks the death of your life as you knew it. The government does not think you are innocent and proceeds to prove your guilt. They have the tools, the money and the means to put anyone away.

In America today, prosecutors are armed with 4500 laws and 300,000 regulations from which they can indict anyone. Prosecutors choose who to arrest.

Roughly 65 million Americans have been convicted of a crime. Approximately 2.3 million Americans are in prison today with the majority being non-violent offenders. First time offenders with no history of crime can be sentenced for up 20 years in prison for the mere “association” with someone who is a criminal. Judges across America look at first time offenders, with no record, and openly say, “you are going to prison because you should have known your boyfriend was selling drugs” and/or “you should have reported this crime to the police.”

If you have not experienced prison, you cannot understand the pain of being there a single day. The humiliation starts when you walk in and have to strip naked in front of a correctional officer. The dehumanization process begins immediately and you are no longer a person, you are a number.

For 2.3 million of Americans incarcerated today, it is not only the dehumanization and poor conditions which destroy you, it is the collateral damage to the family and extended family members. A single incarceration disrupts the lives of everyone around them. Almost 10 million children have one or more parent in prison or under supervision. Wives, husbands, significant others, children, parents, grandparents and extended family are devastated.

In a country where politicians run campaigns based on family values, they offer little help to those families whose lives are turned upside down due to an incarceration of a loved one. Families break up, are financially ruined and children grow up not knowing one or both parents.

By continuing to enact new laws instead of repealing old, outdated and vague laws, the very politicians who profess the importance of family values are instead continuing the cycle of increased incarceration and therefore increased destruction of family.

In addition, the financial crisis has led many Senators and Congressman to lead the charge for building prisons in their district. Pork barrel funding for new prisons is the economic answer for many politicians. Does this mean these same politicians hope for an increase in incarceration so they can employ more people in their district? Does it mean politicians have no incentive to take a hard look at the problem of over-criminalization because they would rather have their employment statistics go up?

Ex-Offender Nation is a movement to stop the “arrest of America.” Currently one in every five people in this country is arrested. There is no oversight for prosecutors and they are immune from prosecution. Many wrongfully convicted people, both violent and non-violent, are and were in prisons.

Nothing changes “quickly” in America but things do change. It takes a movement to change laws. It took hundreds of thousands to stop the war in Vietnam. It will take the same number of people to hold prosecutors and the criminal justice system accountable.

By Evie Litwok

To Continue Reading:  now added in our blogroll. 

  • Montana do you see what is happening in America but what has happened in your own state?  Look up the incarceration rates per each county in Montana. It is scary what they are doing.  This is not about crime any longer.  This is about money. 
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Has Montana Citizens Lost Their Heart? A Majority Think They Have. Update On The Mother That Died In Gallatin County Jail.

Whitney Bermes with Bozeman Daily did a fine job on the article concerning the death of Kathryn Leibrock-Josephs, an excerpt found below.

WHITNEY BERMES, Chronicle Staff Writer |Posted: Saturday, July 21, 2012 12:15 am

“The family of a woman who died while she was an inmate at the Gallatin County jail wants details surrounding the woman’s death released to the public.

Family members of Kathryn Leibrock-Josephs filed a brief in Gallatin County District Court earlier this month accusing County Attorney Marty Lambert and then-Sheriff Jim Cashell of hiding information from the public for “their own personal reasons.”

“It must be something personal on their side,” said attorney Jim Kommers“What that is, I don’t know.”

Earlier this year, Josephs settled a federal civil lawsuit for $2 million, in which he claimed that jailers failed to provide Leibrock-Josephs adequate medical care, which led to her death.

Once the lawsuit was settled, Kommers said the family thought the confidential criminal evidence would be available to the public. But Lambert objected, Kommers said.

The family now wants a protective order placed on evidence from the federal case to be lifted so it can be made public.

“The public has a right to know and they’re not being told,” Kommers said.”

Excerpt Only, To Continue Reading:


  • This is a comment that was submitted from the family of the inmate that died in a Gallatin jail on our blog just today.  It is on the comment section on the above link.  But feeling this families pain that not even $2 million can fix I felt to add it in a follow-up post as some do not read the comments section.  It is the only way that we can honor the family having the right to speak on this issue. 

The facts surrounding the tragic death of my step daughter are relatively simple, and, more importantly, I had hoped would be proven in court. On the night before Thanksgiving 2005, Kathryn Leibrock-Josephs, was arrested by Bozeman Police for an alleged incident of abuse with my six year old grandson. Just after the time of her arrest, my son in law toured the house with City of Bozeman Police Officer Henninger, and informed him of the fact that Kathryn was an alcoholic and no doubt inebriated at the time of her arrest. While none of this information was conveyed to the staff at the Gallatin County Detention Center (GCDC), it appears the GCDC must have understood that alcohol was a problem with Kathryn, as the officers that initially received her at the jail commented on her state of inebriation, and more than two hours after her incarceration, she was still deemed by jail staff to be too drunk for booking.

Given the numerous references in the GCDC manual to the potential health concerns associated with an inmate who arrives at the jail under the influence of alcohol, it seems safe to assume that GCDC staff should have thus known that Kathryn was ripe for problems, regardless of what was, or what was not said to them by Bozeman Police regarding Kathryn’s condition upon her arrest.

Because she was arrested on the night before Thanksgiving, the courts were closed on that Thursday. Because the City of Bozeman violated state law regarding the days on which courts are required to be open, by giving the day off to all City Employees – including City Court workers, on the Friday following Thanksgiving, the city court where Kathryn was to be arraigned remained closed for that following Friday as well. And though there were many alternative means available to ensure that Kathryn’s legally protected right to a speedy appearance before a judge was met, (which in her case was also a necessary event for her to gain her release on bond, due to the nature of her arrest for family member assault), including City judges on call, and other local judicial venues which were in operation on that Friday after Thanksgiving, none were called by GCDC staff in regards to Kathryn.

Accordingly, she was to remain in the GCDC until the following Monday, when it was assumed she would finally see a judge. Unfortunately, she died prior to this, early on that Sunday morning, from the ravaging affects of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, (AWS), which went untreated for the entire length of Kathryn’s 3 ½ day stay in the jail. For your reference, since I assume you know as little as I once did about this condition, AWS is a condition which frequently occurs for alcoholics who quit cold turkey. It includes a series of symptoms otherwise known as the DT’s or delirium tremors, commonly indicated by the existence of any of the following: hallucinations, loss of appetite, loss of responsiveness, periods of chills or hot flashes and seizures. AWS is always wrenchingly painful, and potentially fatal, which is why if one does attempt to quit drinking – cold turkey, they must at all times be attended to by a qualified medical provider. This is especially true in a jail setting, as incarceration is the third leading cause of death among those who do suffer from AWS.

In spite of her arrest, shortly after her incarceration, Kathryn is her normal lively self. She calls her mother several times through the night Wednesday and early Thursday, and is nothing short of charming to her booking officer. She even has a shower. And she is otherwise fully engaged in the effort to find a lawyer and get herself out of jail. Shortly thereafter, however, her condition changes for the worse, as the early affects of AWS begin to set in, (it generally commences within 12 to 24 hours following the sufferer’s last drink, which was the case with Kathryn). By Thursday night, at approximately 7:00 p.m., she is seen by officer Rod Young as having what can only be described as a hallucination, during which she is heard muttering the words, “please don’t hurt me – please don’t hurt me”, repeatedly, over and over. Officer Young attempts to interact with her, and calm her. For approximately 20 minutes he watches her bizarre behavior, and attempts to talk to her. But for all of his efforts, Officer Young is convinced Kathryn has no cognizance of his presence while he is with her. And he is certain she is not sleeping during this noted Thursday evening encounter. He explains all of this to Sergeant Bishop, who deems this episode neither concerning to Kathryn’s health, nor material enough to warrant the writing of an Incident Report.

Thereafter, Kathryn continues to endure the noted painful, and debilitating affects of AWS. She does not eat. She does not drink. She does not do anything in fact, accept lie on her bunk, in a state of total non-responsiveness, for close to three days, during which time jailers know she is suffering, and know too she has a need for a heart medicine she is not getting. The medical provider to GCDC, Spectrum Medical, also knows of Kathryn’s need for medicine. And though a nurse is on staff, and goes to the jail on Friday, and even gives Kathryn a “kite”, or request form for her medicine, she never actually sees her, and Kathryn never does get her medicine. Nor does she know that Kathryn is an alcoholic, or even that she came in to the jail inebriated.

That there is a lack of a GCDC record indicating Kathryn’s problems with alcohol, in spite of the fact that she arrived at the jail too drunk to be booked, is due much in part to the fact that the GCDC practices a method of booking inmates that is at odds not just with the GCDC manual, but any common standard for what one might call good jailing practices. Presumably when the GCDC staff is too busy from too many inmates, or understaffed, or just not interested in booking another inmate at a given moment, they do what they refer to as a “paper booking”, which generally represents the recording of only the most cursory information about an inmate, such as their name and address, so as to allow the inmate to be immediately incarnated, and the jailers time to accommodate this new booking at a point most convenient to them. In Kathryn’s case, this meant that her booking took place over 12 hours after her arrival at the jail, by which point the signs of her prior night’s inebriation were all but gone. The GCDC booking officer blamed Kathryn for lying as the reason the information was recorded improperly. To this day, even after Kathryn’s death, she stands by her methods, and maintains that she sees no problem with the habit of “paper bookings”, which she refers to as a “courtesy” between jailers, one that helps the entire staff best manage their many demands.

But of course the information matters. For Kathryn is an alcoholic, and as the GCDC manual so instructs, prone to the fatal affects of AWS, which indeed do manifest themselves in Kathryn in ways both cruel and obvious. It is so obvious in fact that Kathryn is sick, that by Saturday night, when Officer Jablonski transfers Kathryn from cell 102 to 103, approximately 1 ¾ hours prior to her subsequent collapse, she later recounts how she knew at the time a nurse should have been called, and that she believed her Sergeant at the time, Greg Bishop, to have understood the same. And why not? For from the moment they enter her cell that late Saturday night, it is clear things were not right with Kathryn.

The jailers are first taken by the stench which emanates from the defecation which has covered Kathryn’s body. They then witness how Kathryn is so unresponsive, that when she is told to move from one cell to another, she makes no response. It takes two jailers applying two wrist locks just to get her to sit up. Once she does, and her head stops wobbling, they get her to stand, only to see that she is so unsteady, the jailers have to keep her from falling. As they hold her up, they note the urine on her gown and on the floor, and the feces that has spread up her back. She is wet too, not just from urine, but perspiration, which soaks her cloths and leaves beads of sweat on her brow. For she is hot, and her breathing noticeably labored. And there is foam too, which pools in the corner of her mouth in a manner that suggests not the simple release of saliva in sleep, but that a seizure has occurred. And as the scene unfolds, Officer Jablonski reminds herself of the fact that Kathryn has not eaten in days and is without her heart medicine. And Officer Bishop knows too that Kathryn has experienced a hallucination just a day or so ago, (though there is no mention of this in her personal chart). In the end, it takes two jailers 20 minutes to get Kathryn from cell 102 to 103. It is a job which, in the case of a normal, healthy inmate, should have been accomplished in two minutes or less by a single jailer.

Sergeant Bishop’s response to this is to again deny Officer Jablonski’s suggestion that an Incident Report be written on the event. He sends her home, (her shift had already ended when this cell transfer occurred) and returns to his office to study-up for an upcoming officer’s exam. For the next hour and a half, Kathryn then proceeds to rock on her bunk bench in a silent, catatonic state, which Officer Bishop observes as he performs his cell checks. Still he does not help her. And then, suddenly at 1:10 a.m., as if gripped by an intuitive impulse that tells him, finally, all might not be right with Kathryn, Sergeant Bishop interrupts his studies on better jailing practices, to go and make an extra check on her. And when he arrives at her cell, he finds Kathryn collapsed on the ground, unconscious and not breathing.

Paramedics are called, and while the staff awaits their arrival, Sergeant Bishop attempts to perform artificial resuscitation. Unfortunately, his protective mouth device fails. So does the next one. Unfortunate too is the fact that no defibrillator is on site to help. Or that there is no doctor – as is called for in the GCDC manual, to attend to Kathryn’s needs. Perhaps even more unfortunate, is that the medical provider to the jail, Spectrum Medical, does not have, and for some months has not had on staff, a mental health service provider for the GCDC, this in spite of the fact that such services have not only been contracted for by the County through Spectrum, but paid for as well. This is especially relevant as in their contractual plan with the County, the mental health counselor was to have been the agent responsible for the training of GCDC staff in the detection and treatment of substance abuse related problems.

But no such training is provided by Spectrum, or anyone else, not just for this, but any other medical situations the jailers were likely to have experienced in their daily “care” of the inmates. This absence of medical training exists in spite of the fact that the County paid for such training through its contract with Spectrum, and Spectrum called it out as a critical additive to the jailer’s overall skill set, due both to the limited on-site hours of Spectrum medical personnel at the GCDC, and the many, urgent needs of the inmates. Spectrum feels so strongly about the matter in fact, they have pledged by contract to provide the jailers with training commensurate with that of a “first responder”.

As he would be the first to tell you, Sergeant Bishop is no first responder. None of the GCDC jailers are. But the real tragedy of Kathryn’s death is that she didn’t need a savvy medical pro in order to have been saved. All she needed was for Sergeant Bishop to have been decent, and somewhat caring, for as I say, any other person, (including the one who was with him at the time of this Saturday night cell transfer) would have known that Kathryn needed help, and presumably would have acted on that knowledge by calling for a nurse or doctor. Of course when she went home for the night, Officer Jablonski assumed Sergeant Bishop would make that call and get Kathryn the help she so obviously needed. Which is why, some days later, when she first learns that no such call has been made on Kathryn’s behalf, and that she has died, Officer Jablonski is devastated. She complains bitterly to her associates, who themselves communicate with their superiors as to the lack of attention to the needs of this inmate. But, as with other such matters, her concerns go without further inquiry by the GCDC into the true causes of this death.

As a family, we struggle with the idea that the GCDC jailers could have been so inhumane as to have let someone die before their eyes without offering assistance of any kind. I don’t think we ever answer the question as to how anyone could be so cruel as Sergeant was, or so careless as Officer Jablonski was as to assume another would step in to assist in what was truly a life and death situation. But judging by the general ineptitude of the GCDC in the overall handling of Kathryn, and the response of County officials to her death, one begins to understand something of the seeds to our loss.

For the instincts of County government to not do the responsible thing are apparent almost from the moment Kathryn dies. Within a day of her death, County officials tell the Montana State Crime Lab, which performs the official autopsy so required of Kathryn, the un-truth that Kathryn was generally fine and cooperative for the entire period of her incarceration, right up until the moment she was found collapsed on her cell floor. As I say, even your own jailer admits that a nurse should have been called, so what are we to make of such an incorrect characterization as was given to the State Crime Lab? That it was an inadvertent error, or part of a more calculated plan to cover up the truth as to what happened to Kathryn Josephs?

In either event, the information is so conveyed, and then not corrected, (even when it is clear that the conclusions of the crime lab in Missoula are based on faulty information). Accordingly, AWS is ruled out as a certain cause of death, (though it is still considered as a possible likely cause) for it is believed by the attending pathologists that no signs of AWS were ever exhibited by Kathryn. So too does our own privately hired pathologist, Dr. Tom Bennett, conclude the same. Until he later learns the truth of the matter, that in suffering almost all of the classical signs of AWS, (hallucinations, loss of appetite, non responsiveness, sweating and chills, and probably a seizure), Kathryn did indeed die of AWS. And a second medical expert has concluded the same.

Nonetheless, County officials seize on the misbegotten “official” conclusion that AWS is not to blame for Kathryn’s death, by not only claiming their innocence in the matter, but going so far as to say through their misinformed medical expert, that Kathryn’s health was better served for her time spent in jail.

This is a proposition as ludicrous as it is offensive, at least to her family, and presumably anyone else who has respect for either the truth or the dead. Of course County officials remain free of public scrutiny for their misdeeds and lies, due to a protective order they have been given which is itself the result of another un-truth pertaining to an alleged, though non-existent criminal investigation into the matter.

County officials have also tried to cover-up the truth about the facts surrounding Kathryn’s death, by holding an Inquest which omitted so many things relevant to the case, one is compelled to wonder if the County Attorney is carless, or calculating, in his presentation of the affair. The most obvious example of this is that Officer Rod Young is not called to testify about the hallucination he witnessed, even though he is at the Inquest, and it is known to the County Attorney’s office that such an incident in fact occurred. Nor is there any other mention of this event at the Inquest. Nor of the fact that Kathryn had stopped eating and drinking days prior to her death. But perhaps the most striking recasting of reality which occurs at the Inquest, comes in the manner by which Kathryn’s medically concerning level of non-responsiveness is dismissed as merely being the behavior of a relaxed inmate who liked to sleep a lot.

Since Kathryn’s relative lack of responsiveness is a material point, and one which can be easily glossed over without fully appreciating the extent of her lifelessness, it is worth noting that except for the aforementioned hallucination of Thursday night, and another outburst Friday night when Kathryn screamed to another inmate not to trust Sergeant Bishop, and the noted catatonic rocking which immediately preceded her death, there are no observations of Kathryn from Thursday afternoon until her death, doing anything but lying motionless on her bunk and saying nothing. If one did ask her a question she would either ignore it – or grunt “no”, as she did in response to the offered services of a legal aid worker who came to the jail that Saturday morning as part of a regular routine to assist inmates with scheduled court appearances.

Also worth noting is the fact that on more than one occasion, according to two independent jail trustee inmates, (which are basically trusted inmates who are given special duties in the jail, like serving meals), Kathryn failed responsiveness tests given by GCDC jail staff as called for by the GCDC manual . The test in question requires that an inmate in a holding cell be forced to make some positive sign of life, and thus responsiveness, even if that be a denial of a meal, when each meal was offered. These eye witnesses, who actually served many of her meals, report that more than once Kathryn did not make such an indication of responsiveness as she was too unresponsive to do anything, including refuse her meal, whereupon the jailers reported to the control room not that the test had been failed, but merely that the meal was refused.

But as I say, none of this is revealed at the Inquest, during which County Attorney Lambert is so convincing in his performance in making us all believe that Kathryn was fine and resting comfortably throughout her stay at the jail, at least until the end, that when the proceedings conclude, my 14 year granddaughter Annie, (who was in attendance), hugs Sergeant Bishop and shares a tear with him, for she thinks he has done all one could have, given what we are told at the Inquest as to Kathryn’s fine condition right up until her collapse.

So vigilant is the County in protecting their secrets about Kathryn’s death, not just from the public, but us as well, that It takes us two years to finally get at the evidence of the case which, as I think you will conclude, tells a decidedly different story than the one peddled by County officials at the Inquest. I am not sure you can grasp how devastating it was though, for my granddaughter to finally learn not just that her mother wasn’t fine until her collapse, as she had been told, but that she had been sick and needed help, and suffered horribly – and the jailers knew all of this – and still did not help her. Worse still, was the fact that in learning the truth, Annie understood too well how her trusted County officials had lied to her about the facts of which I speak.

My granddaughter was anxiously awaiting her day in court, when she would be able to tell the world how she misses her mother, and how she feels about a County government that not only allowed her mother to die such a horrible death – alone in a jail cell – suffering without aid for days on end from the DTs, but then tried to deny any responsibility for it through a series of lies, misstatements, or misrepresentations. I can only imagine that County officials would not want this grisly tale to be told in court as much as Annie looks forward to it. But from their responses in depositions it is clear that many in positions of authority of County government, including the Commissioners, and the Sheriff, have remained ignorant not just of how our case poses a financial risk to the County for their negligence in Kathryn’s death, but of how it serves as an important indicator of systemic problems within the overall management, operations and culture of County government.

  • Montana if this does not make your heart concerned then maybe you have lost all conscience thought of what is right and what is wrong and maybe have even lost your heart.  I would hate to think that my fellow Montanans do not care about their citizens in their state. This kind of nonsense is going on everyday in Montana. We know the state no longer cares.  We hear how they do not have programs implemented but they are still receiving the budget money that was issued for that.  We hear of inmates not receiving medical treatment all the time.  We hear of inmates dying all the time while in Montana prisons or jails.  We hear of the prison in Shelby being very understaffed yet they are being paid for a full staff.  This has all come about from some greedy people wanting to hoard the money and take short cuts.
  • We are a police state that is corrupted.  We have inmates that do not belong in prison as some of the county attorneys have become slick in their prosecuting manner, not always using ethics. Willing to lie and break rules to gain a conviction. 
  • We have Department of Corrections that has taken away visitation from a major portion of the inmate population due to ridiculous reasons where they just don’t want to have to do the job they are paid for.   They now have cut down the food supply that they are serving inmates.  Inmates are hungry and this forces them to have to buy canteen if they want to eat but not all men can afford that.  The families can’t afford to keep sending money for the “fat cats” of the system.  They have been bankrupting them.   There are inmates that have huge holes in the bottom of their shoes but they will not give them state shoes. Inmates are burning up with the heat as they cannot open a door to allow a breeze to come through.  Some have their windows still bolted from winter and these men are not receiving any air flow.  Montana your taxes are suppose to take care of this but the system just wants to take more and more for profit.   It is disgusting.  And many of these inmates should not even be in there. 
  • Montana citizens, this falls on our shoulders.  It is our responsibility to hold these officials accountable.  This state is never going to change for the better and become more prosperous for ALL as long as we allow this corruption to continue.   It has gone on too long.  They now believe they do not have to answer to anyone.  The only way you can make them be held accountable is come election time or to have an outside source initiate a full blown investigation.   What do you think fellow Montana citizens,  do you still have a heart for your state and the other citizens that are being abused by our system?  Prisons are for criminals not for state officials to make some extra money by warehousing any Montana citizen that they can put in there to charge for a bed and keep them there. 

To this family I would like to say  I am so sorry for your loss and what you are going through with this tragedy.  A tragedy that did not have to happen. Continue your fight for the truth and for that truth to be made known to the public. 

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