Montana Speaks Up

I gave you a scenario how prisons and states can profit from prisons but how does it feel in real life?  There are more people than you realize who want to speak up and be heard. It’s hard to hear one small voice.  But when you have many voices you can’t help but to be heard.

Inmates Speak Out At Montana State Prison, Deer Lodge:

Inmate Speaks Out Desperate Plea For Medical Help:

There are so many websites on the internet that talk about the corruption in Montana that all you have to do is type in a few key words and it will pull all sorts of articles up.  This is not something that is new apparently and I do not need to give more websites from years past.  When are the good people of Montana going to stand up and do something?  Or is Montana proud of the ole cowboy outlaws that terrorize people? I have seen so many articles where it states “there is an atmosphere of fear.”    MONTANA SPEAK UP! This is the time to turn the tide with elected officials and clean up this mess.

This website is Families Against Mandatory Minimums and is for Montana.

Here is just a little fun fact link.  Famous Cowboy Names – Legends Of The Old West.

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