Arizona Private Prisons Slammed By Report

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Group: Facilities hard to oversee, aren’t cost-effective

Arizona’s private prisons are not cost-effective for taxpayers and are more difficult to monitor than state prisons, according to a new report by a prison watchdog group that is calling for a moratorium on any new private prisons in the state.

The report examined the five prisons that have contracts to house Arizona prisoners and six private prisons that house federal detainees or inmates from other states, including California and Hawaii.

• ‘Republic’ special report: The Price of Prisons

Based on public-information requests and other data, the report by the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker group that works on criminal-justice reform, concluded that:

Arizona paid $10 million more for private prison beds between 2008 and 2010 than it would have for equivalent state beds.

Arizona’s pending plan to contract for another 2,000 private-prison beds would cost taxpayers at least $38.7 million a year, at least $6 million a year more than incarcerating those inmates in state prisons. Plans to add 500 more maximum-security beds in state prisons would add almost $10 million a year to the bill. The report questioned whether those beds are needed, since the state’s prison population has declined over the past two years by more than 900 inmates, to 39,854 as of Wednesday. ( I have read this same type scenario from different states. Yet, CCA wants to buy prisons in 48 states.  They will be yanking people off the streets to fill those prisons).

In the past three years, private prisons in Arizona have experienced at least 28 riots and more than 200 other “disturbances” involving as many as 50 prisoners. Many of these incidents had not previously been reported to the public.
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One thought on “Arizona Private Prisons Slammed By Report

  1. @dcfixx You oloivusby missed the part where LEGAL immigrants are also being incarcerated. You really think they are only talking about illegal immigrants, or are illegal immigrants the only ones you are concerned about?

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