Disturbing Complaint Against Private Prison-A Must Read

Montana’s Favorite Privatized Corporation CCA

The nation’s largest private prison company’s “negligence, recklessness, and flagrant failure to protect” an inmate allowed other prisoners to stab him 140 times, killing him, the dead man’s family claims in Hawaii state court.

Hawaii has sent state prisoners to Corrections Corporation of America prisons in Arizona for years, for budget reasons.
The family of the late Bronson Nunuha, who died at 26, sued Hawaii and its Department of Public Safety, the Corrections Corporation of America and numerous officials in the state and the private company, in Hawaii’s First Circuit Court.
Nunuha’s family claims Bronson was stabbed more than 140 times on Feb. 18, 2010, after the privately owned prison failed to adequately staff his cell block and housed him with gang members.
The family says that before he died, Bronson Nunuha also was punched, kicked and stomped by two gang members in his cell at CCA’s Saguaro Correctional Facility in Eloy, southeast of Phoenix.
The family says the killers also carved the name of their gang into Bronson’s chest. According to the 50-page complaint, a group of inmates distracted the one counselor on duty in the cell block that day, defendant Nyoka Clark, during the murder, and other inmates mopped up the bloody footprints leading away from Nunuha’s cell while his assailants “showered, changed clothes, and re-mingled with other prisoners.”
Nunuha’s family claims CCA “received millions of dollars in Hawaii taxpayer money between 1995 and 2010, yet CCA and its officers, managers, employees, and agents failed to spend those dollars on reasonable and necessary safety measures and adequate staffing for the cell blocks holding Hawaii prisoners.”
Nunuha’s murder, which took place at about 9 a.m. was not discovered by Clark until 9:36 a.m., his family says in the complaint.

To continue reading: http://www.courthousenews.com/2012/02/17/43997.htm

3 thoughts on “Disturbing Complaint Against Private Prison-A Must Read

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