Female Prison Guards Often Behind Sex Misconduct?

Female Prison Guards Often Behind Sex Misconduct


Mont. prison sex inquiry reveals female sexual abuse of male inmates is complicated problem

The Associated Press


Female Prison Guards Often Behind Sex Misconduct

Inmate Michael Murphy usually started by seeking a small favor. That would often lead to a kiss or love letters. And in at least five cases, he convinced female prison employees to have sex with him or do other illegal favors.

In each of those cases, the female corrections employees were caught, shamed and forced out of a job, according to documents detailing an investigation by Montana prison officials and obtained by The Associated Press after an open-records lawsuit.

The female officers described Murphy as the aggressor, even as the predator. But that makes no difference in either state or federal penitentiaries, where prison employees — male or female — are the violators if they have sex with inmates.

A Justice Department study shows that cases like Murphy’s are common: Female staff are more often implicated than their male counterparts in prison sexual misconduct. While many cases could be considered consensual, incarceration experts and female prison guards say the problem is much more complicated.

In some cases, the women reported that they couldn’t say no to the inmate out of fear, or were afraid to go to a co-worker out of shame at what had happened. One small mistake often led to something else.

Experts say there is a culture of silence in the prisons that makes it difficult for female guards to come forward with problems before they spin out of control.

Here’s a wild and crazy thought.  How about you KEEP YOUR LEGS TOGETHER, AND DO YOUR JOB!  That IS why you go to work, right?  RIGHT?  Silly me, I was expecting you to be the strong, intelligent, independent, and capable professional you claim to be.

Documents detailing the state investigation into Murphy’s liaisons show he persuaded at least five Montana female prison employees to break the rules over several years. He even convinced his therapist to have sex with him, and was able to arrange one-on-one meetings with her even though prison officials knew of his past history with female workers.

Cover-up charges were filed against one of the female prison workers. Murphy, 36, faced no charges. He is serving time for theft, forgery and other charges.

No sexual assault charges were filed at the time against the women due to lack of evidence, according to the documents. But in letters to newspapers and in a request to the ACLU of Montana, Murphy wrote that he had been sexually assaulted by some of the women. Prison officials would not allow him to be interviewed for this story.

The confidential and lengthy internal investigation tells a complicated tale about how an inmate manipulated prison staff.

The therapist, for instance, told internal investigators that she knew she had been manipulated and compromised. She said she allowed Murphy to kiss her one day in her office and the relationship spiraled out of control from there.

“spiraled out of control”.  Right.  Well, I’m sure I speak for all when I express my admiration for the HR Department that advertised for, sought out, interviewed and hired such an educated, intelligent, principled professional.  It’s unfortunate that she was outsmarted by a criminal.  NO ONE could have foreseen that a convict would attempt to game the prison staff.  Clearly there was nothing she could have done to prevent this.  Clearly, SHE’S the victim here..

The man who once ran New York City’s corrections department has little sympathy for female prison workers who see themselves as victimized in these cases.

Martin Horn, now a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said female workers who have sex with inmates are often treated less harshly by officials than male worker who do the same.

“As long as we have a double standard we are going to see these kind of behaviors,” Horn said. “It is a very slippery slope we go down if we say we are not going to hold female officers to the same standard.”

A 2007 U.S. Department of Justice study analyzing the prevalence of sexual assault in state and federal prisons found that 58 percent of staff perpetrators of sexual misconduct were female.

One expert on the issue says the “culture of silence” in prisons makes it tough on the female workers.

“Even if the staff did small favors, they should have felt free enough to communicate with their superiors about the fact that they were by being blackmailed by the inmate,” said Brenda Smith, a law professor at American University who has studied prison rape issues.

Montana corrections officials said they have cases dating back to 2003 where two female workers at the state prison in Deer Lodge were disciplined for some sort of undisclosed involvement with Michael Murphy. Murphy rocked the prison again in 2008 when it was learned three more had become involved with him.

The prison launched a lengthy internal investigation, and Murphy was later transferred to a facility in Glendive.

Montana State Prison Warden Mike Mahoney said 41 percent of the system’s employees are female. He said it is impossible to separate female staff from any particular inmate, even one who has proven skilled at compromising workers.  (Male workers with male inmates.  Female workers with female inmates.  Problem solved.)

He said the prison always stresses to workers not to get involved with inmates in even the smallest way, and to never reveal personal details of any type. The warden said Murphy’s case, though, will likely provide lessons to improve the training.

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So to sum up, once again, women are equal to men.  They can do any job that men can do.  In the event that, for some inexplicable reason, they CAN’T do the job, it’s the fault of men.  And holding women to the same standard as men is oppressive and unfair.

Got it.

Do we even need to discuss what happens to MALE prison guards who have sex with female inmates?

Get in where you fit in.

No thanks, lady.  Keep your number.  I don’t DO Ghetto.

 (If you’re a male, you can be fired for LOOKING at a female.  You can be arrested for TALKING to a female.  And you can be jailed because, well, she FELT uncomfortable.)

To Read More:  http://www.tiredblackman.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=7272

Four female employees of the Montana State Prison were placed on paid suspension in September 2008 after they were accused of having sex with prisoners. All four later resigned, and a fifth male employee was placed under investigation. The County Attorney determined there was insufficient evidence to warrant criminal charges.

According to prisoner Michael Murphy, one of the prison employees – a mental health worker – had sex with him over 30 times. The Montana DOC took the Associated Press to court after the AP requested records related to the sexual misconduct investigation; state officials said they needed a judge to weigh privacy interests versus the public’s right to know.

“Corrections officers and officials whose work involves interacting with inmates at the Montana State Prison hold positions of high public trust involving the safety and well-being of the public, and therefore have a reduced expectation of privacy when accused of wrongdoing involving their interaction with inmates,” stated David K.W. Wilson, Jr., who represents the Associated Press. The public records suit is still pending. [See: Montana DOC v. Associated Press, 1st Judicial District Court (MT), Cause No. CDV-2008-1091].

To read more:  https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/(S(2k2z3c45l4t02gug2ul2wlzm))/displayArticle.aspx?articleid=21225&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

To Read More:https://montanacorruption.org/2012/02/27/montana-state-prison-female-prison-guards-fired-for-sexual-misconduct/




This is double standards.  This incident supposedly happened in 2008 and quite a few other years (there is a history) and in 2010 still investigating as to whether the public had a right to know and this came out the same month and year that the alleged incidents at Montana Development Center happened.  They cover this up and do not publicize them and make it public record but they did on the case against the man at MDC.  Montana the system we have here in this state is giving us a snow job! You should be outraged that they are playing with people lives like they are chess pieces in a game.  Their game for money and political power.    And yes, I am saying this as a woman! 

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4 thoughts on “Female Prison Guards Often Behind Sex Misconduct?

  1. Reblogged this on Montana Corruption and commented:

    Wanted to give an informative update about this article. It was found in the State Of Montana Department Of Corrections Policy Directive on page 4 – D Staff Sexual Misconduct – 1. 45-5-501(1)(a), MCA defines “without consent” as an element of the crimes sexual assault and sexual intercourse without consent. It provides offenders supervised by the Department are unable to provide “consent” to prohibited activities. Employees who commit sexual misconduct as defined in DOC Policy 1.3.14, Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), are subject to felony and misdemeanor criminal penalties as well as disciplinary action, up to and including termination from employment. Now tell me, why does Montana DOC employees get different treatment than the average citizen? Why did DOJ and DOC go against their own rules that have to be signed by those that work in the department? Someone please answer me!

  2. 2. The Department of Corrections considers any form of sexual misconduct by staff toward offenders an abuse of power. Sexual misconduct is not gender-specific, and may occur: male to male, male to female, female to female, or female to male. The acts, or attempted acts, (listed below-which is a very long list that I’m not including) regardless of whether they are considered to be consensual by the offender, are strictly prohibited.

  3. This is a on going problem in all prisons.What does the DOC think is going to happen ????? You deny humanbeings a fundamental aspect of being human and then put female guards in all male prisons male guards in female prisons. ….. its human nature for crying out loud. The penal system in this country is so jacked up its beyond pathic..You deny human contact and this act will in fact either bring on incidents such as this or aggression will ensue or it will come out in some form of perversion guaranteeded…….Sex is a huge force that can be directed by our prison systems for behavior modification.,…when are they going to wake up and start facing reality….????????? I think it is the ultimate of abuse to dangle a carrot in front of males or females day in and day out and then expect nothing to happen….. Heres one for you…….DO NOT PUT FEMALES IN MALE PRISONS OR MALES IN FEMALE PRISONS……….ALLOW HUMAN CONTACT.

    • Yes, it is dangling a carrot in front of them. And there are guards that are just as much flirtatious and like the attention. I agree….don’t mix co-ed. Have females work at female prison or institutions and have males work at male institutions. Simple as that.

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