Featured SlideUS News— 09 March 2012
Privatized Prisons Demand 90% Occupancy In Offer To 48 States

By Tumey Nation

CCA (Corrections Corporation of America), formally known as Wackenhut Corporation has put an offer on the desks of Governors in 48 states to buy up the prisons at $250 million but there’s a catch. One of the obligations the states will have to fulfill in the agreement is to keep the prisons full at 90% for 20 years. It’s a great deal for CCA, the private prison industry is a $40 billion annual industry because the states pay the corporation to lock someone up for $31 a day or more per inmate, almost $12,000 a year each and they can turn around and use the inmates for profitable work. From that money, the warden must provide housing, guards, electricity, and everything else to run the facility.  Whatever is left over is profit. If you consider that 25% of the world’s prison inmates are here in the U.S. that is a lot of money to pay lobbyists to push politicians to create more laws to lock people up.

A broad coalition including the ACLU, the Teamsters, the NAACP and several faith groups have already urged governors to reject the offer. Now you can too: go here to take action.


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