Watch The Big House : Montana State Prison (Episode 11)

Watch The Big House : Montana State Prison(Episode 11) Online – VideoSurf Video Search.

Herds of livestock roam here under the big Montana sky. Cowboys and wranglers watch over them. But these are not ordinary ranch hands. And this is no ordinary ranch. Welcome to the State Prison in Deer Lodge, Montana. 1,300 high and medium security inmates live here. Their range of crimes includes murder and robbery as well as drug possession and sex crimes. In its present day setting, Montana State Prison operates efficiently as both a ranch and a modern high security fortress. But it’s legacy is dark and its history is marked by violent uprisings, inhumane conditions and brutality. We’ll see where the story began –five miles away from the current cellblocks in the state’s original stone prison — now a relic and tourist attraction that looks like a castle. We’ll meet inmates who work on the prison’s farm and dairy as well as violent offenders who hold jobs as– telemarketers.

This tv episode was in 2009, I’m concerned with the way the treatment is in these prisons there will be uprisings again.  Humans are not cattle.

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