Michael Morton ‘60 Minutes‘ Interview Exposes Power Of Prosecutors (VIDEO)

Michael Morton 60 Minutes

America we need to stand up against this kind of abuse of power in our states.   If a Prosecutor, Public Defender, Judge or any Politician that abuses their power which they were elected for, should be charged and prosecuted also.   There has been a judge convicted to prison for making deals to have juveniles prosecuted.  We need to keep going.  Montana shows an absolutely clear record that corruption is going on.  It does not take much of an IQ to see that.  The Montana newspapers are filled with this corruption of pure evil greed and power.   Prosecutors need to be criminally charged and they should be sued.  What makes them above the law?  To know they knowingly did something that was illegal is not correct.   Michael Morton, I’m personally glad that you are standing up to find out why this is going on and wanting to hold someone accountable. I know there is misconduct in Montana and I will stand up to find out why this is being allowed.  The good citizens of Montana deserve that.  I don’t want to see Montanans futures jeopardized.  The officials and those in the law need to be held accountable. 

I would like to know if County Attorney Matt Johnson of Jefferson County is going to release the DOJ internal investigative reports that MAP is suing for.  All of the documents need to be brought to light concerning all officials that were involved in the investigation to those that were involved in the prosecution of Allen Whetstone. 


  1. 10-4 Good Buddy; I have been saying that for years. The best information I have gleaned from the book “False Justice” Is that if the prosecutor participates in the investigation they have removed themselves from the protection allowed the county attorney’s. Meaning if you find the prosecutor helped in the investigation and the results are wrongful conviction they can be sued personally.
    Classic example of that is the Duke Lacrosse case: Nifong spent one day in jail while trying to get 3 innocent men 30 years. He should have been sued.
    For a cop or a prosecutor to withhold exculpatory evidence is also a violation of the Brady Doctrine.
    But you have to have an attorney general that has justice in mind and at this time on the Republican side Tom Fox doesn’t fill the bill: Convictions are what he wants. Justice will be a side product just like the attorney general is now functions

  2. Although I have no idea what the answer is, except for the people to pay attention, part of the problem with prosecuters is that what the electorate tends to look at is convictions, not justice done which is of course much harder.

    • Thank you very much, I will be sure to share it. This is out of control. I don’t know why are states even bought into this money making scheme. Those that are making the money are laughing all the way to the bank. Unfortunate for those locked away.

  3. Great website,
    Another avenue to fight corruption is to file a complaint against a laywer, I just filed a complaint with the ODC about Matt Johnson and my belief of the procecutorial abuses and laws broken and rules broken. My nightmare is in my belief largely due to illegal actions and co-operation with illegal private interests, sound similiar to the prison scams?
    I have been trying to document some of the illegal abuses on my facebook pages for others to have a idea of the laws against illegal search and seizure and civil rights abuses.

    • Oh yes, it sounds similar to the prison scams, the trial scams, the probation scams. Complaints do need to be filed and that is something we will be working on. Everything needs to be documented. Not only for prosecuting attorneys but for public defenders and judges as well. Sounds interesting on your facebook. Good job and keep up the good work!

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