Native American Indian Suicide Attempt At Montana State Prison…?

It has been brought to my attention through numerous sources that there was an attempted suicide last week at Montana State Prison.  A Native American Indian took a bed sheet and made a noose and threw himself off the third floor.  It did not work and instead swung him onto the second floor.  As the guards came after him he quickly did the same thing from the second floor.  A guard grabbed him by his jacket as he went over, but the jacket slipped off and the inmate landed on the ground on his back.  It has been reported that he  was in the infirmary.  A name has not been disclosed.  I have searched the newspapers to see if this incident had been reported and I have not found anything.  I think this is something that an official should be checking into.  Definitely an advocate for the Native Americans should be notified.  There is a high suicide rate in Montana in the DOC system.  Without any hope, with the level of corruption within the system, it is only natural for these inmates to either want to kill themselves or to have a major riot.  Hopelessness and anger comes out in some way.  How would you feel if you were in their shoes?   

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