CCA Is Prohibited From Making Donations To Political Campaigns

Dennis DeConcini

Dennis DeConcini – CCA Boardmember

Morals Before Profit

Activists demand that former U.S. Sen. Dennis DeConcini resign from a private-prison company’s board

“DeConcini said he made it clear that CCA is prohibited from making donations to political campaigns—although a campaign-finance report shows dozens of contributions from lobbyists who work for CCA and other private-prison companies to former State Sen. Russell Pearce, the main architect of SB 1070.

“The reality of it is that (CCA lobbyists) very well may give money, and I’m sure they do. I used to be a lobbyist. But CCA has a clause that prohibits the company from giving donations to politicians,” DeConcini said.

As an example, he mentioned CCA lobbyist Jaime Molera. “He did give money to candidates, but not at our direction.”

“Hernandez said that during the meeting with DeConcini, she told him about abuses she witnessed and experienced, including a lack of food, which forced prisoners to buy from the prison commissary; issues with medical care; and problems with guards and staff. According to Hernandez, DeConcini wanted more documentation. “He said he couldn’t speak for the workers because he doesn’t have contact with the workers,” Hernandez said.

Raúl Alcaraz Ochoa, also with Corazón de Tucson, said that although the ultimate goal is to get DeConcini to resign from CCA, they also want to educate the community on private prisons and how they have been used to detain immigrants. The group also is involved in a national campaign to pressure Wells Fargo Bank to divest from GEO Group, another private-prison company with facilities in Arizona.” And Florida.

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Now why is it that there are many Montana officials that have accepted and are still accepting money for campaigns from CCA ?  I could make a list of names, including Governor Brian Schweitzer, and how about Attorney General Steve Bullock?  There are those that are running for political offices right now that are accepting money from this prison corporation that the corporation itself states that it is prohibited. But Steve Bullock wants to herald himself as the one that is fighting against big corporations funding campaign money. CCA is the largest corporation to be able to buy out 48 states of prisons! I don’t care if it is the corporation or the lobbyists themselves. Wrong is wrong. This is a major double standard.  Montana, how do you trust a prison corporation or the officials of the state that are accepting money and receiving campaign funds when it is clearly prohibited?   The ones that are suppose to protect you….that doesn’t sound like protection.  CCA wants to buy out 48 states of prisons with a 20 year contract for 90% occupancy.  This is not to help states, it actually costs more to the taxpayers to allow CCA to buy out the prisons.  It’s a big profit to Wall Street on the backs of Main Street yet again.  Not only our wallets, but literally on the slave labor of thousands of inmates.  We have over 7 million in the Department of Corrections System.  This is ludicrous!  America, we need to stand up to this!  Make sure you know where your candidates stand on this issue.  Let’s not allow them to play us for stupid any longer!! 

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