Does Montana Prisons Really Have A Policy Directive?

It was found in the State Of Montana Department Of Corrections Policy Directive on page 4 – D Staff Sexual Misconduct – 1. 45-5-501(1)(a), MCA defines “without consent” as an element of the crimes sexual assault and sexual intercourse without consent. It provides offenders supervised by the Department are unable to provide “consent” to prohibited activities. Employees who commit sexual misconduct as defined in DOC Policy 1.3.14, Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), are subject to felony and misdemeanor criminal penalties as well as disciplinary action, up to and including termination from employment. Now tell me, why does Montana DOC employees get different treatment than the average citizen? Why did DOJ and DOC go against their own rules that have to be signed by those that work in the department? Someone please answer me!

2. The Department of Corrections considers any form of sexual misconduct by staff toward offenders an abuse of power.  Sexual misconduct is not gender-specific, and may occur: male to male, male to female, female to female, or female to male.  The acts or attempted acts, (listed below-which I’m not adding in) regardless of whether they are considered to be consensual by the offender, are strictly prohibited.

Is there really a policy directive that Department Of Corrections in Montana goes by?  What about Corrections Corporation Of America (CCA)? Are they allowed to have sex with inmates under their care without any penalties?  Where are the Montana County Attorneys or Attorney General Steve Bullock when all of this is going on under his watch?  This is unjust justice and double standards.  To hold these men and women in these Montana State Prisons that are eligible for parole just so those in political power who are over all of these departments including pre-release can make more money.  These men and women suffer in so many ways.  Attorney General sir, this is not what prison is suppose to be.  Not double standards where those in Department of Corrections can abuse these men and women themselves.  It seems like those that work in state departments and state facilities receive all sorts of compensation.  Meaning way more than just money.

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