Is Montana State Prison Becoming A Lock-Down Facility For $5 Million Grant?

MDOC has implemented new rules, not allowing visitation to certain segments of inmates and families, with everything that they are taking away from inmates – MSP is egging on an a riot. We are now back to the pre-riot days of the 1990’s and 2007. It should be noted that MDOC is forcing this to happen, not the inmates themselves. In a hopeless situation what is human nature? Depression = Suicide which Montana has plenty of those or Anger = Riot or to act out to express the injustice of what is happening. You cannot continue to treat humans as animals. Really, even a dog if you kick it long enough will turn on you. It should be noted that MDOC should be held accountable for this. Certain segments of inmates will only be allowed visitation on Wednesday or Friday. If you work during the week you might as well forget about seeing your loved one. (This weekend 6/9/2012-6/10/2012 should be very interesting for those driving all the way to MSP and they do not know that they do not get to visit.  As of yesterday afternoon inmates still did not have their own copies of the new rules.  Those that visit had the opportunity if they were at the prison this past week to pick up a copy of the new rules. Which reading them was still a bit confusing.  That is not any notice, they are suppose to give a 30 day notice but yet again, what are rules that govern the MDOC? They laugh at them.)

One thought on “Is Montana State Prison Becoming A Lock-Down Facility For $5 Million Grant?

  1. Its really a sad situation. Its very disheartening. I have a loved one that is supposed to be out this year and we already been through 3 reviews with the board which have all been denied and you can go through the review with a fine tooth comb and find no reason to deny him. Taking every thing away from the inmates is only gonna make them more aggitated as they have more useless time on their hands and with the parole board not being fair and granting parole for the ones that deserve it and are reformed is going to cause not only hopelessness but a lot of unsettled inmates with a lot of time on their hands if they are not being rehabilitated as the state has “promised” well you do the math.

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