Montana Board Of Pardons And Parole

Budget Information

The Parole Board in Montana is a citizen’s board. They are not paid Correctional employees. They volunteer their time and are paid $75.00 per day for each day they conduct Board business. They also have some expenses reimbursed. The total budget for Board members reimbursement per year is approximately $40,425.00. The entire budget for the Board of Pardons and Parole is approximately $748,503.00 for the current fiscal year. This includes the salaries of the 10 employees.

During the past five years, the Board has released 2,952 offenders to parole supervision, including a record 635 in 2006. In that same time, 687 paroled offenders have successfully completed their sentences in the community. The Board has historically approved parole for nearly six out of every 10 offenders that have appeared before them requesting release.

The Board, as part of the criminal justice system, is doing its part by following the appropriate laws, releasing deserving offenders to community placements, and keeping undeserving or dangerous prisoners incarcerated.  The Board also promptly returns to custody offenders not willing to abide by the conditions of their release.


Somehow, something is not adding up.  Take a look again at this link:

That is the current number of incarceration rates in Montana per county.  The number has raised drastically since 2007.  What happened? They have board members that volunteer but the Board Executive  Director works under Corrections?  I don’t understand.  Who works for who?  Who is giving the parole board the information that helps them decide who should be granted parole and who should not be granted parole?  Is DOC the ones giving the documents, is it DOJ?  I have been told of double files, one that is suppose to go to the Parole Board members but yet another set of files is given to them instead.  Missing many items of major pertinence to their hearing.

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There is money being made with this high incarceration rate and if so many were getting out why are so many incarcerated in Montana?   It just does not make sense!  What is really going on in the state of Montana?   Remember they have an offer still out there on building this new prison that they put on hold for 6 months.  They plan on the incarceration rate even going higher.  With the small population that Montana has! 

Take a look at this article:

Montana, there are some very high salaries in Montana within State Departments that are not volunteers.  This man received 5 years for his crime.  It costs the Montana taxpayers a minimum of $175,000 to house him.  That is money you are paying out so someone else can have these fat salaries.  It is not about keeping you safe and out of danger.  It is about money!  

One thought on “Montana Board Of Pardons And Parole

  1. I will always remember the board meeting the 29th of December 2009.
    It was either 6 or 7 that went up that date; we will use the number 6 which could be corrected to 5 or 7.
    All of them had federal time to do: 5 virtually had no good time to speak of just the bare minimum. The last one had 2 ½ years clear conduct and all programs completed.
    John Ward while Mike McKee looked on railed on the inmate to the point the guard went forward and stood by the inmate in case he decided to go after Ward. Finally he had to revert back 20 years to an incident that happened when he was in the Army for an excuse to deny parole. Of course Craig Thomas said the tape recording didn’t work that day so there was nothing to pursue. You can be sure it would have been working perfect if the allocations were false.
    Taunting is a felony: But our attorney general is of no count when it comes to enforcing the law as it pertains to anything where the DOC is concerned. He needs their votes.
    John Ward claims it is his job to test the inmate for fortitude. But a very small question asked of him in the hallway made him trip out and go ballistic. So it has to be a cowardice act for him to torment the inmates when they are n chains.

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