The War That Steve Bullock Has Waged Against Montana Citizens

Steve Bullock - Montana

Steve Bullock – Montana

 Recently we discovered that there are allegations pending against Attorney General Steve Bullock.  We are seeing much fur flying between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.  My take on the “Citizens United” is different than everyone else’s. Certain Democrats take money from large corporations or interest groups so why are they freaking out when Republicans do also?  My agenda is not to push for it or against it, I am concerned about injustice.  I don’t see what the difference is where you get your money.   It is what you do once you are elected.   Corruption is corruption.  Each party has to be held accountable.  I hear both parties accusing each other of it and it is true.  There is a lot of corruption all over the place.  And what upsets me is that many Democrats are turning their heads on an issue because I believe they are just passionate for their party.  There is nothing wrong with being passionate for your party, whether you are Democrat or Republican. But when real corruption is exposed in actions and I’m not talking about financial contributions but in what they do is what we really need to be concerned about.
This is the first time that I just heard and seen a complaint filed by Catherine Reid against The Department of Justice and Attorney General Steve Bullock alleging violations of Lobbyists Laws.  If you read back through the articles on this website you will see many, many times where I have voiced my concerns about the laws that Montana Department of Justice has been advocating.  I have attended the Law and Justice Committee Meetings and I am concerned about the war they are waging on Montana citizens.  This is a concern that each and every Montanan needs to become aware of.

According to Montana Statesman :

Steve Bullock (Attorney General), and the Montana Department of Justice don’t want you to know what they are lobbying for – and have apparently been running a disinformation campaign about what they support and don’t support.

This has been revealed in a formal complaint submitted to the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

The official complaint can be read here: Reid v Dep’t of Justice and Bullock

The Commissioner’s website states –  “Issue: On September 5, 2012 Catherine Reid filed a complaint against The Department of Justice and Attorney General Steve Bullock alleging violations of Lobbying Laws…
Status: Investigation Pending“
Now there are many more complaints against Attorney General Steve Bullock but this is the one that concerns me.  If I hadn’t sat in and listened at these Committee Meetings I wouldn’t have known otherwise if this was true or not.   If you want to read more about the other allegations, this is the website that I just found on twitter.  Twitter is all abuzz about this news.  Montana Statesman    
It was stated in the Montana Standard :

“It’s clear that even Congressman Hill knows this $500,000 contribution was illegal because if he didn’t, he would be proud to defend his actions to a Montana judge, instead of running to a federal court,” O’Brien said.

Also on Friday, the Bullock campaign released a statement from Republican Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger calling on Hill to immediately return the $500,000.

“This is an unprecedented step by Congressman Hill to allow our elections to be corrupted at the average citizen’s expense,” Bohlinger said.

First of all why does Kevin O’Brien think that this should not go to a federal court judge since the Supreme Court has ruled on this once before? Montana already has a tendency to do it’s own thing and disregards the federal system.   Who is O’Brien to think for Congressman Hill in saying that “Rick Hill knows that it is illegal.”  When I watched the debate I believe Rick Hill stated very clearly that it was not illegal.   In the debate it just sounded like Attorney General Steve Bullock was trying to browbeat his own opinion on the whole ordeal because he is upset that Congressman Hill received the money.  Since they have been bragging all throughout this campaign on how much money that Steve Bullock has raised.
I also do not understand where  Republican Lt.Gov.John Bohlinger thinks that this incident would “allow our elections to be corrupted at the average citizens expense.”  I think if the Lt.Governor knew what was really going on in the system he would and should be more concerned about the war that Steve Bullock’s office has waged against the average citizen’s expense.  Corruption has been overflowing already, take a look at the studies that has been shown on here.
Montana, if none of this is settled before the elections you need to read up and become educated about all of the candidates.  It does not matter how much is spent on a campaign or how much is donated.  It matters what you know about the candidates and what their policies are.  An informed voter will vote for the right person regardless about the money spent on the campaign.  And from all the research it looks like BOTH parties have received large amounts from sources that both parties are saying are not legal.  Montana citizens it basically comes down to us.   War has been waged against us and we need to think about our children’s futures.  If you are not sure what I am talking about please go back through and read all of the articles throughout this website and the research and studies that have been done.

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