57 thoughts on “Barry Beach And The Aftermath Of NBC Dateline: Return To Poplar River

  1. The “free Barry Beach” community seems to be nothing more than an echo chamber. Has anyone actually read the entire 93-page state Supreme Court ruling from May? Beach has provided nothing more than a theory, and a theory doesn’t get you a new trial. Imagine if we re-tried everyone in Deer Lodge who was able to cook up an interesting theory and whip up public support?

    Beach is in jail, and there he’ll stay unless Steve Bullock pardons him. What are the odds of that? Slim to none. Steve was attorney general, so he knows the truth. Beach knows his federal appeal options are limited and unlikely to produce results.

    Get a life, folks. Saying “Barry Beach is innocent” over and over doesn’t make it so.

    • Well it must interest or worry you because your taking the time to come here and read this. Maybe you should get a life besides troll around a site that is exposing the corrupt so called justice system and politics. We are the people and community these snakes represent and we are tired of lies and corruption. While Barry was in the community he did a lot and gained the trust of many upstanding citizens of my community. I for one and I know thousands more will stand beside Mr. Beach until the truth comes out. Those involved on the so called justice side are just afraid they will have to admit to being wrong. Go get a life Bob!!

    • We want to see the evidence and you people wont’t allow it! What are you afraid of? It was a cohersed confession and you know it!!

    • Echo chamber my ass! prove BEYOND ANY SHADOWS..ANY DOUBTS THAT HE IS GUILTY & we are fighting for the life of an innocent man, wouldn’t you want someone to do the same for you?

    • You clearly haven’t studied the matter much yourself, nor do you know anyone involved. Barry Beach isn’t innocent because of a theory, he’s innocent because there’s no evidence that says otherwise, and plenty of good evidence that someone else did. Go away, Bob.

    • born and raised on ft peck and i can tell you that people in poplar know who did this and it was NOT barry beach. also, racicot is a completely corrupt political buttlick.

    • Thornton! The “Barry Beach is a murderer” seems to nothing more than an echo chamber of the Montana Justice system. Saying he is a murderer over and over does not make it so!

    • Steve Bullock does not decide if Barry Beach will be pardoned or not. Almighty God decides that, and He will move in the time and in the way that will most bring glory to His name.

    • You need to shut up. After what happened to me, they are dirty I don’t lie. I will now be an advocate. Thank you Montana

    • Yes it does,did you read the case? The fact that you don’t give a damn has nothing to do with all that do care about innocence and injustice for any American and for the death of Kim Nees. Governor Bullock did write a wonderful letter to the stunted board to have Barry Beach released, there isn’t one intelligent person left that thinks he is guilty or deserves jail because of the prosecutors lies, false statements, lack of evidence and an ego the size of Montana,he actually writes about himself, he had a 95% conviction rate and only lost 2 cases in 12 years that’s all anyone would need to know to prove he is corrupt and more innocent people were sent to prison for Racicot’s bio. The only thing we all know for sure is he will meet the devil after he’s gone, you and he might not think Barry Beache’s life was important but God does.


    • Now he is free!! Gov. Bullock didnt pardon him, but through hard work by the legislature and CITIZENS laws were changed giving clemency power back to the Governor, and the BOPP revamped, changing a tyranical reviewing board to a fair, and open one..he didn’t get a new trial but, because of the injustices Montana served up to Barry Beach, changes have been made that will benefit those in the correction systems greatly going forward. He deserves to be free, his sentencing should have been redone, and above all he still didn’t kill Kim Nees so whoever did is still free. An innocent man served their sentence!! That is not justice for Kim for sure!!
      So with all of that, the grace this man exhibits is amazing…enjoy your freedom Barry.

      • Reading that the other day made me so happy and I never met the man. I followed his case over the years and felt so bad for him.

        He and his mother can enjoy this Thanksgiving and he can live out his life the free man he always should have been. xx

  2. Mr. Thornton,

    I am a college graduate (4 year degree from a very reputable college), happily married, mother of 3 (yes, gainfully employed as well). When my teenage daughter and I watched the 1st Dateline on Barry Beach we were both very moved to help him, as we both truly felt he had been wrongly convicted. Our family has become firm believers in his innocence, and do what we can to help spread his story. His supporters are a group of great people with a common cause that they truly believe in.

    Get a life? that’s what we are trying to do for Barry Beach, as we all have lives and know he deserves one too.

    Maybe you should take your own advice, Mr. Thornton, using your time to talk about a man who means nothing to you, speaking to a group of people who don’t care what you have to say?

    Get a life, Bob.

  3. Yea Bob, What are you afraid of? The truth? Grant the new trial and let’s actually see all the evidence other than the coerced confession of which two others where coerced to confess to also and they let them go. Let’s get the real killer or killers!

  4. Everyone in the AG’s office is afraid. They’re afraid of Marc Rosko p cole train! (Didn’t care for him so never cared to learn how to spell his name). Why are they afraid to admit they may have made a mistake? We all make mistakes but only the honest ones admit we did!!! I wish they would get over themselves!

  5. It never fails to amaze me how days and months after the fact the ONLY whispers around the school and town were girl names. NEVER once was the name Barry Beach mentioned…. Yet not ONE of those girls were ever convicted… {could it be that it was [who} they happened to be related to that had more than a little to do with it??} I saw how the cops handled the crime scene, most of the {fingerprints} belonged to cops themselves. No curtained off area ~~~It was a free-for-all and I made the statement at the time…. “Good Lord don’t the cops watch crime shows on tv, so they know how its done?” Granted, Barry was young and stupid enough to try and prove how tough he was while in a jail cell….and his comment ended up with him becoming their scape-goat, but all these years later they STILL don’t have the balls to admit they screwed up, and he should be freed.
    May God have mercy on your soul!

  6. Steve Bullock is a man that needs to stand up take responsibility for his state and do the honorable thing and pardon this man. You will meet your maker someday and its time to make it right now.

  7. Steve Bullock needs to stand up and take responsibility for his state and pardon this man! You are a family man and how do you look in the mirror each day knowing that he deserves a trail and you will in fact stand before the Good Lord and be judged one day and now it the time to get right with him!!

  8. Like I said, an echo chamber. Nary a free thinker among you, it seems.

    A jury convicted Barry Beach of a murder to which he confessed. The Board of Pardons and Parole Unanimously rejected his shifting conspiracy theories and “evidence.” The State Supreme Court has twice said he hasn’t met the legal bar for getting a new trial.

    Unless the ranks of the brainwashed storm Deer Lodge and bust him out, Barry Beach is going to spend the rest of his life in prison.

    But everyone needs a cause to champion, I suppose.

    • Bob T.,
      Did u watch any of the dateline special a couple years back? Do you even want to know the truth? Do you know what truth is? The only evidence presented in his case proved it was NOT his fingerprints, blood…absolutely no evidence proving him to be guilty, no evidence of him even being there. He was forced to say he did it. It wasn’t a confession, it was torture!

    • Too bad you weren’t doing his time. Then you would know how it feels to be imprisoned for something you didn’t do and see how that goes for you. Then, have people like you who don’t care. Maybe you are friends with the ones who actually did this crime?

    • Mr Thornton…you should contact retired GF detective John Cameron, at cold case Cameron.com, and ask him about Barry Beach. He recently did an investigation and arrived at his own decision…A Free Thinker!!!
      Also read the previous article about wrongful convictions and prosecutorial misconduct…A new day is coming in justice systems around the country!!!

    • My God have you ever imagined yourself being a young man sitting in a room with men well versed in interrogation techniques where it is ok to lie to you, bully you, threaten you, deny you food, sleep and then start playing the what if game and then calling it a confession. They have proven over and over again how these detectives manipulate false confession from their emotionally frightened suspects who they have zeroed in on with little or no evidence. If that were not true then we would not be letting men and women out of prisons years later after they were proven innocent and missed their entire lives locked up for something they did not do. The loss of this young lady was tragic but he has lost his life as well. Law enforcement never wants to admit they put an innocent man in prison their egos won’t allow it. It is sad on so many levels because they lost sight didn’t they? They did what was easy go after a young kid that they could manipulate and get an easy conviction instead of looking for the real killer. As for me and my own I think that could have been my son they had in that sheriff’s office that day, my son who was tricked into a false confession, my son who got a reprieve came out did wonderful things and my son who had it all taken away from him again because a judge’s ego got in the way again and over road the judge who said he deserved a new trial. That could be you or your son. It should scare you to death. Small town America has their own unique idea of justice especially 30 years ago. I know because I lived in one and understood it.

      • I fully agree with you justjen10 and I’m sorry you got treated as badly as you did, especially in a small town. I got to see first hand how a situation similar to yours, affected my brother.

        I believe our justice system is corrupt. I know about coerced confession. My brother sat in Montana State Prison for 5 years for a crime I know in fact, he did not commit. He sat in interrogation for 36 hours, no food, no sleep, no insulin for his diabetes. He became lethargic and sick because his blood sugar level was way too high. The detective refused to allow my brother to check his blood sugar level and take a dose of insulin. The detective swore to my brother he was a liar about everything in life, including being a diabetic. After 36 hours, a nurse had to assist my brother with his insulin intake and took his vitals because he appeared very sick. When the nurse told the detective he was a Type 1 diabetic and if he was forced to go without any longer, he would be hospitalized for skeletal syndrome and diabetic coma.

        Any how, after 36 hours, my brother confessed. He told me and my mom he confessed because they forced him to confess and because he was sick. He knew the detective took advantage of this because he told my brother that 100% without a doubt, he had his perp and even if he tried to prove his innocence, he would always be guilty. 3 years later, it was discovered who actually committed the crime my brother was guilted and coerced into. Unfortunately, the only thing happened was nothing. DFS was involved in the case but quickly closed after 1 1/2 month time and to never be thought of again.

        I know I sound biased because this is my brother, but I went to every hearing. I heard multiple people speak on and against his behalf. I knew deep down in my gut, he was innocent. No one wanted to listen to his sibling because I am just that, his sister. 5 years later, my brother is free because his sentence expired. But his trouble doesn’t end because the one that confessed to the crime on her own free will, is still continuing to try to cause problems for my brother and no one will do anything to help my brother. It is the unjust, corrupt, coerced, ego-blown, retards in our justice system that do for themselves that than others.

        I can truly and honestly say that I believe 100% with all my heart that Barry is INNOCENT! I have been following the story of this man since his first conviction and placement into Montana State Prison. I believe he should be free because I listen to my gut and my gut never lies. I know that is probably biased too, but if something doesn’t feel right, I will follow my gut feeling first and foremost. And every time, my gut feeling has never failed me.

        Oh, and for any negative a’holes out there reading this. My believing Barry is innocent does NOT stem from my brother and Barry being in Montana State Prison at the same time. My brother knows who he is but has never met him. Oh, and contrary to believe, not everyone in the same prison spends time with one another. My brother and Barry were in 2 completely different parts of the prison and never spent time together.

  9. Echo chamber? No, those of us that believe in Barry’s innocence have studied the case, FBI reports, crime scene reports, etc. and we know the facts. Bob, can you explain why a police officer (the father of one of the girls) broke into the judge’s chambers and tampered with evidence? Said he got lost looking for the bathroom? Come on! He never even had his hand slapped! Important evidence has been destroyed, palm print not followed up on, witnesses called not credible because they were Native Americans, four of the girls admitted in an affidavit that they had at one time had Kim’s necklace in their possession, etc. How much do you need to see? Those of us that support Barry will continue to do so, in spite of naysayers like yourself. Just pray that if you are ever accused of a crime that you did not commit you will have backers that would fight for you. And as for that coerced false confession, don’t you ever read how many false confessions are obtained every year? If you don’t believe in Barry no one is forcing you to be on this page!!!!

    • Not only did Maude Grayhawks dad steal evidence, sissy atkinson’s brother was in on clean up of crime scene. really people. the atkinson’s are some of the dishonest people i know.

  10. Hey thanks for using my photo of Barry. I was the main person at the Helena event that took the photos and also the video that you can all find on youtube of the very same Helena speech. Now this guy Mr. Thornton on here ranting and raving claims that he read the 93 page Supreme Court decision. If he did in fact read it and claims to be so intelligent and all as he assumes, let us all see him provide an analysis of the decision instead of a few sentences. He cannot because he lives in a glass house and throws rocks at the pubic and at Barry.

    Truth be told, if the opposition to Barry was their relative, they would be doing the same thing over and over again trying to get him freed upon his innocence. Point blank; So there is no need to sit on here and argue with the ignorant blind sheep. Think about it, the majority of people in Montana are close-minded and lack the mental capacities to comprehend I-N-N-O-C-E-N-C-E.

  11. The show is re-airing on Tuesday, September 23, at 2:03 AM E.T., or very late Monday night, depending on your perspective!

  12. As a retired cop of 32 years this is amazing. I have seen arrogance, power trips, but never in my life would I imagine this goes on in America. Not the injustice. But the stance of the Montana attorney general. And as a black man this compares to the racism, and hate people of color experienced in the south. That shows that mean hateful self righteous A Holes have no since of what’s right or wrong. The A.G. Should be immediately removed and evaluated for competence. But that will never happen because we give these idiots too much power. In this case to decide life or death, regardless to a JUDGE rendering a fair and impartial decision. I am embarrassed for once being a part of executive government. Sad day very sad.

    Thank God for Centuion Ministries, and other groups that reach out to make our wrongs as a society, right. keep hope alive, and Barry in our prayers. God bless us and keep us all. Barry could be one of us.

    • I feel so bad about what has happened to Barry. He seems like such a good man and he did well while he was free.

      He is also a very strong man to deal with all the injustices done to him over the years and still being able to smile.

      It says a lot about his upbringing and him as a person.

  13. Facts you mean no DNA evidence? Or fact like someone else confessed to multiple people? Or fact like none of Kim’s family believe he did it and are on his side?

  14. Corrupt people always defend one another. One of the girls uncles was an officer at the time. They covered it up the very second they knew it was their own families doings

  15. Many of Barry’s supporters like myself are from montana. But thank you for calling me close minded and pointing out my lack of mental capacity,. Your complete judgement on an entire state of people (a state in which more than not support Barry) reflects your “lack of mental capacity” in which you would reply to a rude judgemental person by making yourself just that. On a side note I am curious to know where you are from bob? I have not met one person in Montana that does not believe Barry is innocent, except of course government officials and at that, not all.

  16. I do not live in Montana I live in Canada ,Nova Scotia ,But from what I’ve seen and heard about this case I’m so glad I do-not live in such a corrupt city as Montana where the evidence shows clearly that this man is innocent,and yet because of the pride of these official’s and their racism that this man Berry is to be locked up for life over a murder he did not commit .I’m so sorry to his family and what they are living with each day. I must say also that my heart goes out to this young girl and her family ,they too have lost so much. I feel the authorities should get their act together, forget about themselfs and solve this case.

  17. This is sad and hurts my heart to see a man be in prison for 30 years, then claim his innocence, finally got to smell the fresh air, eat real food, feel real happiness and peace then have someone just say “oh just kidding Berry and lock him in a cell once again. He got the feeling of having a real job, and a paycheck in his name to spend on what he wants, gets to decide what HE wants for the first time. He deserves to know what LIFE really is. I’m sorry Berry, if I was in your position I don’t know what I would do. I’m free in this world, and I will fight for you to be free. We support you!

  18. And to those who decided Berry’s life, wouldn’t it be more of a “win” to find the real murderer? Or is it enough for you to say that Berry did it? My uncle was murdered 15 years ago, they know who did it but won’t lock him up because the can’t find my uncles body to match his DNA. The man that murdered my uncle and took him away from his 2 year old daughter is a MONSTER but that’s not what were worried about anymore the murderer will get what he deserves in his next life. We’re worried about my uncles body so we can lay him to rest, put his soulife at peace. This story touches my heart. Let’s find the real killer and let Berry go. Cause from the sounds of it. They haven’t even looked more into the murder they matched Berry to it and they thought their job was done. WRONG! I support our system but not anymore it’s like they don’t give a crap about us anymore.

  19. This is one of the most heart wrenching stories I’ve ever heard. I watched the story on Dateline. This man is clearly an innocent man who has been wrongly convicted. With so many supporters that believe in his innocence and the fact that he turned himself back in I believe says volumes of his Word and Character. The authorities that put him back in prison after the judge had set him free clearly don’t have a conscience.
    Please Free Barry Beach!!!!

    • I feel the same way. I would not have second thoughts about having Barry live or work with or near me. I don’t know how the poor man keeps his sanity!

  20. i watched the dateline program and was riveted – its obviously small town politics – because people are accused of murder and they don’t ever serve a full 30 years – so its obvious theres some example or some reason – for the “no parole..” it begs the question why no parole ?? and the second thing is which i can not find anywhere – no motive for the supposed murder – from barrys side – there was never a motive established – why ?? if he did it then why did he do it ?? why would he do it ?? there is no motive from barrys stand point – however I totally believe that the towns “Mean girls” did have motive as the dateline program said….Id follow the absence of motive –

  21. This could happen to you or me. Shame on those responsible people. They may be able to lock up his body but not his soul! Let’s pray for Barry Beach.

  22. After watching this program, I had to take a walk to cool off! I am sick of police corruption running rampant in our country. I believe that the only reason that this innocent man is incarcerated for this crime is because they needed someone to pin it to, regardless if he was guilty on not. It makes me nauseous just to think about it! The only mistake he made was not IMMEDIATELY requesting an attorney when the whole farce began!
    Mr. Beach, you are definitely in my prayers every single day! God bless you!

  23. So the ten year old girl that witnessed the murder is a liar? This is not brain surgery !!! Free Barry ! The girls that did this will definitely get their own judgement in due time.

  24. 25 percent of the 51 wrongfully convicted that was released were found to have confessed under duress ! How many stories about confessing just to be able to get some sleep and away from the constant bombardment of these detectives questioning will it take to understand that it happens and when there is no supporting evidence it should be looked at with a fine tooth comb! If they have prints and none are Barrys WTF
    is he at least granted a new trial. Prosecutors with a high conviction rate does not mean they are right it means they probably sent innocent people to jail because not every person that is arrested for a crime is guilty just look at the shows on ID DISCOVERY and there have been many times where a person may appear guilty but DNA proves they are innocent. With his evidence items lost or stolen from the police station that is a red flag alone to look at his case again! it makes me so untrusting of our system to have prosecutors who work for us to have power to keep someone in jail when thousands of people who pay their salaries are aking for a second trial like they know better than thousands of people who have brought up the possibility of wrongfully convicted.but they just do not want to have to admit that they might be mistaken and it is a common problem that should be taken seriously but they have too much power

  25. I say he is innocent. First of all the blood on the car with finger prints and palm print do not match his. And the towel they found with blood didn’t match him either. The evidence they had a cop broke into and was stolen. So to me that is saying the police dept . is corrupt .I think the cop who showed up when she was getting murdered and his daughter was there, should be the one to be looked at. Along with those girls. I think that cop protected his daughter if that evidence was stolen cause he knew she was involved. Montana people lie and the police dept. are corrupted along with the judicial system. And I’m from another state and I seen what they did to my brother.

  26. We believe Barry Beach is innocent. Where are the 6 girls that got away with murder? We believe that little Indian girl was telling the truth. This sounds like a police cover up to us.

  27. I can see many of you have never sat down and talked to law enforcement official that thinks he is God. Most of those in Law Enforcement lie and bend the truth. Think I am crazy…ASK YOUR ATTORNEY NEXT TIME YOU SEE HIM IF THEY LIE OR NOT AND WORK TO ACHIEVE THEIR GREEDY SUCCESS AND ADVANCEMENT AT THE EXPENSE OF THE PUBLIC. For that matter, ask your kids the next time they want to write a Report on God as a school assignment. I have helped put 2 police Chiefs away and had 3 police officers fired for things they did wrong and for stealing. Barry Beach is not guilty and Yes i have tracked his case and yes the Governor should get him out. How would he like to sit there for his under the table dealings,while he was waiting for new trial if he was innocent?

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