Is This A Case Of Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing?

Department of Corrections Delays 120 Bed Expansion

The Montana Department of Corrections (DOC) is holding off on trying to find an additional 120 beds for inmates.

The agency put out a request for proposals on January 24, 2012 for a 120 bed medium security correctional facility.

On Friday, DOC Director Mike Ferriter said the request will be suspended for 60-90 days while the agency looks at other options.

He says the DOC is looking at ways to reduce recidivism through a variety of re-entry strategies. He also says the Department will continue to project population trends to better predict its future facility needs.

“We think it’s prudent to focus additional attention on this issue,” Ferriter said. “I don’t believe we can be too careful in making decisions on how to spend taxpayers’ money and in our approaches to safely return inmates to the communities of Montana.”

Ferriter says the need for the beds isn’t so urgent that an extra 60 to 90 days will cause hardship for the agency.       *Source KRTV

This sounds really great that they are re-evaluating this plan.  Then again are they?  I find it very coincidental that just a week ago they were ready to start taking bids from contractors.  Now all of a sudden they are putting the brakes on.  Is this just a comfort blanket during elections?  They know there is an outcry on how the whole judicial and prison system is being managed with the corrupters.   Are they giving this hot potato time to cool down just enough for the protestors to become complacent and not stir up trouble?  Then once elections are over they bulldoze their way through it again?  Thoughts for you to ponder on.