Clive Kinlock – Seeking Executive Clemency

The Evidence

The victim statement stated that she was viciously raped and sodomized for over two hours. However, hospital records do not support this claim. After medical examination, the hospital records are negative of any sexual penetration or any injuries related to a sexual assault. Instead Clive’s statement supports the evidence, indicating the time frame from beginning to end of the attempted robbery was less than 30 minutes and that there was no sexual intent at all nor any sexual intercourse.

View a PDF of the evidence documents

Plea Agreement

It came down to the victim’s word against Clive’s which the county attorney’s office prejudicially accepted to make a strong case against Mr. Kinlock. Clive’s Public Defender Julie Macek also knew the County Attorney’s office had no evidence of sexual intercourse in the commission of this crime yet included it in the plea bargain in order to get the inflated sentence, then strongly insisted that he take the plea. Such actions refutes any idea that his Public Defender had any intent to honestly represent him, but instead helped to promote this miscarriage of justice against Mr. Kinlock. Clive complied originally through racial intimidation, being told by his public defender that he could never win as a black man in Montana. He reconsidered, however, and tore up the signature page of the plea bargain. Julie Macek then taped up this torn document and filed it without his knowledge.

Clive learned of this on the way to sentencing. When Clive objected he was told to comply or she would withdraw as his court appointed attorney. She said that she would recommend deportation and a 5 year sentence to the judge. However, it soon became apparent that the decision was made before Clive ever entered into the court room. Clive and his family believe that the County Attorney’s office, Public Defender’s office and Judge McKittrick chambers were all working together to secure his conviction, denying Mr. Kinlock all due process to a fair trail by his peers.

The Plea Agreement

Clive petitioned the court to withdraw his guilty plea (this document is currently not available for archive), in a final attempt to tell the court that much of what he was accused of and would like a trial to prove it. The petition was denied.

Denial of Clive’s Petition

In January of 2006 Clive filed a Writ of Extra Ordinary Relief which addressed all the injustices and violations of the district court.This document was completely ignored by the court for over 5 years.

Petition For Writ of Extraordinary Relief

Application for Executive Clemency

After Clive had served 20 years in Montana State Prison he filed an application for executive clemency and petitioned the court to commute the remainder of his sentence for the purpose of deportation to his home country of Jamaica. His petition was denied despite his record of clear conduct and his many achievements and letters of support. The court did , however, remove the designation which made Clive ineligible for parole for the first 30 years of his sentence in the amended judgement .   You can read more here at this website.

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